Five Key Themes and Some Takeaways from ImpactAssets’ Investment Roundtables

Leaders from Cornerstone Capital, Gitterman Wealth Management, Imprint Capital (Goldman Sachs), CTC/MyCFO, Rockefeller Foundation, Wetherby Asset Management, UBS, Veris Wealth Partners and other organizations joined ImpactAssets in early 2017 for roundtable discussions in New York City and San Francisco. Ron Cordes, co-founder of the Cordes Foundation and co-founder of ImpactAssets, facilitated the dialogue among more

Investing in Impact Enterprises: Three Principles for Newcomers to Impact Investing

Most of us enjoy a good burger. But we sometimes feel guilty about the impact of all that beef on the environment. Should we stop eating our beloved burgers? Tech start-up PastureMap has a different answer. PastureMap created an app that helps farmers plan grazing, raise more beef, make a profit, cut carbon – and

Beyond Tradeoffs: The Rise of the Impact Unicorns

The term “unicorn” was coined by Aileen Lee of Cowboy Ventures to describe private companies that have achieved a post-money valuation of $1 billion or more. Originally, these companies were scarce, magical and elusive. According the CrunchBase Unicorn Leaderboards, there were 191 unicorns as of August 31. In my impact investing practice at ImpactAssets and in the

DealFlow Dec. 4-10, 2015: ImpactAlpha’s Roundup of Investments, Raises and Exits

This week: Omidyar’s alternative to bitcoin, ImpactAssets’ new notes and a $15 million boost for a UK social enterprise that provides transit services in disadvantaged areas of London. Omidyar Backs Banks’ Alternative to Bitcoin. Secure digital currency could dramatically lower the costs of financial services for the poor, making eCurrency Mint an impact investment for Omidyar Network, the