Small farmers are the future of global food security

Smallholder farmers have become the most important piece of the global agricultural system. Small farmers feed close to 80 percent of the total population in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa and support the livelihoods of nearly 2 billion people worldwide. This community of farmers sit at a critical nexus between survival and global opportunity. With 500 million farm

Tale of Two Economies: This Time It’s Structural

My takeaways from a head-filling set of private meetings on the topic of the economy and the disparity in our society: The wealth disparity is real. The disenfranchisement is real. The lack of a future is real. The impact on health, family, and the person is real…and it’s going to get worse. Starting with the

Follow the people: J.D. Vance to Revolution, Nick O’Donohoe to CDC

J.D. Vance has joined AOL founder Steve Case’s billion-dollar Revolution LLC to invest in companies in U.S. states that attract little venture capital. Vance is the author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” a look at the economic and cultural plight of America’s white working class. The former marine and Yale Law School graduate just moved back to

Letter from Tanzania: Fighting Unemployment by Skilling Up for Problem-Solving Startups

In East Africa, small and growing businesses show promise in kick-starting local economies. A growing group of businesses and initiatives is helping young people acquire the skills needed by the region’s tech-driven social startups. Members of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs (ANDE), a global network of organizations working to to promote entrepreneurship in emerging markets,

Connecticut backs indoor farming venture to create jobs – and grow food

Connecticut’s economic development department invested $3 million in Four Season Farm LLC, a 10-acre indoor hydroponic farm expecting to produce millions of pounds of tomatoes. The agriculture venture is expected to create 40 jobs over two years and enable local produce to compete with imported and out-of-state products. The state funding will be used for

HCAP Partners invests in spas that offer massages – and good jobs

Masseurs and spa attendants can’t be outsourced or automated, at least not yet. HCAP, the California-based private equity firm formerly known as Huntington Capital, made an undisclosed mezzanine debt investment in Burke Williams, a chain of 11 spas in California. HCAP’s Frank Mora said management’s “considerable investment” in employees creates a strong company culture and