Asia | August 1, 2017

Patamar Capital is the new name of Unitus Impact and its livelihood impact fund

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The San Francisco venture capital firm’s $45 million fund has invested in 14 companies in a half-dozen countries in southeast and south Asia.

It launched the “livelihood” fund to prove that raising incomes of the poor can be a profitable investment thesis among private investors, not just development financiers.

Earlier this year, the firm led Singapore-based mClinica’s $6.3 million funding round to connect pharmacies with better global health data.

Vasham, which provides fair market loans to farmers in Indonesia is an example of what Patamar is looking for: supply chain improvements that lower costs, raise productivity and generate premium prices for producers; and distribution improvements that provide high-value, affordables services for low-income workers.

Other investments include Ruma, Micro Benefits and Topica Edtech Group. The new name distinguishes Patamar from other members of the Unitus family and signals its “evolution” as an investor in early-stage, high-growth companies in growth markets.

The firm says its impact mission has not changed. “Patamar Capital exists to open up better opportunities for Asia’s underserved communities so they can improve their lives,” reads the firm’s mission statement.

Patamar CEO Geoff Woolley said the firm would continue to “help improve the lives of low income populations in Asia.”