Blueprint Local: Texas fund is a blueprint for investors betting on their hometowns – and the businesses bringing them back

  • The idea is simple but execution has been hard: helping local investors invest in local entrepreneurs to revive local communities, all across the U.S. Ross Baird, the founder of Village Capital, has formed Blueprint Local to assemble the pieces for such local entrepreneurial revivals.

Indian startup Groww raises $6.2 million to help millennials invest

  • “There are 200 million people with investable income in India, but only 20 million investors. The only way to bring the next 180 million on board is by making investing simple,” Groww’s Lalit Keshre told TechCrunch.

The key to new $500 million affordable housing fund? A $40 million grant from Facebook’s founder.

Making the numbers work for building and preserving affordable housing has been tough in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the highest-cost housing markets in the U.S. The new Partnership for the Bay’s Future, which announced a $500 million fund last week, found a way to square the circle: $40 million from the Chan