The four “missing middles” among small and growing businesses

The financing gap for small businesses around the world is a yawning $940 billion. A new Collaborative for Frontier Finance is trying to tackle the problem by breaking it into segments. The collaborative’s early work is to identify breakthrough financing strategies for high-growth and niche ventures as well as “dynamic” enterprises in bread-and-butter industries and

Overheard at SOCAP18: The OZ opportunity, corporate impact VC, the impact backlash

  • It’s the halfway mark of the annual impact festival known as SOCAP18. ImpactAlpha has fellows Emma Kulow and Tiago Gomes, digital producer Roodgally Senatus, marketing director Tracy Barba and editor David Bank in San Francisco to capture a slice of the activity.

Asking the right questions to guide investments in closing racial wealth gaps

  • Living Cities’ Ellen Ward and Brinda Ganguly chart how Living Cities’ $37 million Blended Catalyst Fund is investing in racial justice. Ward and Ganguly share seven questions they now ask of every transaction.

After 100 early-stage deals, Village Capital takes aim at later and larger investments

  • Village Capital is aiming to take its model up on the capital continuum. Victoria Fram, managing director of VilCap Investments, says the firm is planning to raise a later stage fund, likely with a U.S. focus.