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Burn Your Dollar: Taking Impact Investing to Burning Man and Bringing the Playa to SOCAP

We recently returned from a week in the desert at this year’s Burning Man festival. It was a profound journey, something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Burning Man is a unique and fascinating place. The breadth and scale of it is quite extraordinary, something that can only be experienced to comprehend. We

Two Years After White House Commitments: $1 Billion Deployed for Impact by US Investors

I got the call from the White House, in May 2014. “We’re going to have some major new commitments of impact investment capital at the meeting in June. Would you be interested in helping us track how the money is spent?” What do you say to a call like that when you run an impact

Call to Action: Align Global Assets with Global Goals

One year after the adoption of the U.N. Sustainable Development goals, it’s time for global investors and asset managers with $70 trillion under management to “commit capital to impact investing efforts aimed at meeting the SDGs.” So says Amit Bouri, head of the Global Impact Investing Network, a consortium of asset owners and managers that are

Mobilizing the Agents of Impact at SOCAP

The power of impact investing comes from the fact that it’s more than just an approach or a screen (or an asset class!) — it’s a movement. [blockquote author=”John ‘Papa’ Phillips, 1967" pull=”pullleft”]If you’re going to San Francisco…Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.[/blockquote] That movement comes together, in all its messiness, at the annual

Neglected No More: Nudging Biotech Startups to Tackle Diseases of the Developing World

It was a game of cat and mouse — a very special mouse. The mus musculus in question was a transgenic laboratory mouse that researchers coveted for its human-like immune-system response. The cat was the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which after several unsuccessful attempts was determined to secure a supply of the mice to advance research

#Dealflow 9.6.16: Scaling Up Distributed Solar, Seeding LegWorks, WhereIsMyTransport and CropIn

Rather than slow down this summer, impact finance seemed to be scaling up with follow-on funding for growing ventures and seed funding for several promising social ventures. Solar series. Off-grid solar company BBOXX closed a $20 million Series C investment to help the company to expand in markets in West Africa and Cameroon. The round

How Bringing Animals Into Impact Investing Can Help People, Too (Podcast)

The preamble to the global Sustainable Development Goals envisions a world “in which humanity lives in harmony with nature and in which wildlife and other living species are protected.” In practice, however, economic development – and impact investing – has tended to prioritize humans over animals. In this episode of the Returns on Investment podcast,