At the Social Capital Markets Conference, A Call to Unite Money and Meaning

This year’s Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP15) consists of three days of powerful dialogue with leading impact investors, entrepreneurs, and practitioners. Held October 6-9 in San Francisco, the days will be chock full of networking and engaging content addressing the intersection of money and meaning. This year’s themes include panels on the following: Impact Investing, Meaning, Divest/Invest, Financial Inclusion, Neighborhood

Start-Up Israel: Tech Transfer to the Developing World

Israel is a global leader in entrepreneurship, with a total of 70 exits and IPOs worth $15 billion in 2014, according to PwC. Its innovative technologies — often developed due to a lack of natural resources such as water — are changing the game in agriculture, energy, healthcare and education. Impressive, but can Israeli innovation spread

Financing the Sustainable Development Goals with ‘Blended Capital’

Here’s the latest trillion dollar question: How to finance the new Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations on Friday? The new set of 17 goals for 2030, known as the SDGs, build on the Millennium Development Goals, or MDGs, that were adopted in 2000 and ran through this year. The 169 specific targets

Small Foundations Are Embracing Impact Investing

Paperwork and bureaucracy aren’t just pains in the backside of everyone working at every small business or smaller nonprofit. They’re also barriers to entry — for new people, new ideas and even new sources of capital. Crowdfunding might help level the playing field, but even that has a new set of challenges and limitations. When

Green, Low-Income Housing in Kansas City From a REIT and a B-Corp

One day, in the not-too-distant future, in Kansas City, Missouri, someone will arrive home after a bus ride and a long day’s work at their barely above-minimum wage job. The building in which they live will use 90 percent less energy than the buildings around it. There’ll be a community garden on the rooftop where

Pope’s Call for Impact Investment Resonates with the Faithful

A growing number of Catholic institutions are putting their money where Pope Francis’s mouth is. Francis last year explicitly endorsed impact investments that respond to social and environmental challenges. In encyclicals, speeches and meetings with heads of state, Pope Francis has broadly emphasized society’s collective responsibility to tackle inequality, make markets work for the poor,

Dreamforce Panel: Technology and Policy to Heal the Oceans

Can the tech industry muster the capacity to saves the oceans from overfishing, habitat destruction and acidification? “Oceans are essential, they are our pharmacy and pantry and a primary source of protein for billions,” said Wendy Schmidt, founder and vice president of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, during a panel on ocean innovation during Dreamforce, the annual conference