Standardizing Technology to Trace Sources of Seafood

Tracing seafood back to its source has turned out to be a maddeningly complex challenge, with conflicting technology, standards and even definitions. The lack of transparency has made it impossible to identify illegal and unreported fish and has made it difficult for sustainable suppliers from being able to charge premium prices. The Global Food Traceability

Getting to 100% Mission-Aligned Assets: Lessons From F.B. Heron

The F.B. Heron Foundation has a goal to mission-align 100 percent of its $300 million in assets by 2017. Two years out, Heron’s president, Clara Miller, and vice president, Toni Johnson shared some of what they’re learning in the process in “Mission-Aligned Investing: More Complex Than It Seems,” in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The takeaway: Easier

Real Deal No. 2: Getting Impact Investments Done (Coming to Terms)

The second episode of Impact Alpha’s three-part Real Deal webinar series, “Getting Impact Investments Done – Coming to Terms,” explored how investors and entrepreneurs can work together to create simple, efficient financing agreements that meet the needs and interests of both parties. Listen to the replay of the 30-minute show. Joining David Bank, editor of

Acelero Learning: Flexible Financing to Give Low-Income Kids a Head Start

When we last left Acelero Learning, the pioneering early childhood education provider was struggling to repay its early impact investors after the company’s Head Start programs generated impressive academic gains but modest returns. A year later, those investors are staying in and Acelero has an additional $30,000 each month to spend on expanding its services

Real Deal No. 1: Getting Impact Investments Done (Four-Hour Due Diligence)

The first episode of the #RealDeal series explored ways impact investors can speed due diligence and deliver added value to their entrepreneurs, multiply their impact — and perhaps have more success themselves. The show sparked a lively debate on LinkedIn about whether “Four-Hour Due Diligence” can join the Four-Hour Workweek or the Four-Hour Body as

M-KOPA Solar Demonstrates Pay-As-You-Go Financing

Nairobi-based M-KOPA Solar announced it has connected more than 200,000 homes to solar power in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, an indicator that pay-as-you-go financing may be a powerful way to accelerate adoption of off-grid solar energy in East Africa and elsewhere.   M-KOPA has been credited for unlocking not only solar financing, but for demonstrating that asset-based lending

Mabel Cáceres: Giving Peruvians a Voice with Independent Journalism and Media

Mabel Cáceres was through with Peru’s president interfering with her reporting. So she launched her news business. Seeking to hold onto and extend his power, President Alberto Fujimori’s administration was dedicated to manipulating the press. A broad government campaign – including death threats, abductions and libel suits – intimidated many in the media into self-censorship and