Dreamforce Panel: Technology and Policy to Heal the Oceans

Can the tech industry muster the capacity to saves the oceans from overfishing, habitat destruction and acidification? “Oceans are essential, they are our pharmacy and pantry and a primary source of protein for billions,” said Wendy Schmidt, founder and vice president of the Schmidt Ocean Institute, during a panel on ocean innovation during Dreamforce, the annual conference

Disrupting Venture Capital With Real-World Impact and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Backers of startups worldwide are looking for the next “disruptive trend” that can overturn industries. Ironically, the venture capital industry has begun to resemble markets that investors themselves are looking to disrupt. Speculation about the “next dot-com bubble” abounds weekly; entrepreneurship champion the Kauffman Foundation reflected upon two decades of investing venture capital by saying,

Driving the Money Out of ‘Mystery Fish’

The seafood industry has the ability to trace the journey of a fish from ocean to dinner plate. But does it have the stomach to make the necessary changes? A Sustainable Seafood Industry Lab in San Francisco this week explored ways to trace the path of the fish we eat. Hardware and software developers are building traceability

Bountiful Catch for Sustainable Seafood Investors: Finalists in Fish 2.0 Competition

The ocean’s problems are well known. Solutions, not so much. And opportunities to invest in those solutions have been even harder to find. That’s changing, in no small part thanks to Monica Jain and her Fish 2.0 business competition, which has just announced the 37 seafood and aquaculture companies that will compete for prizes and attention

Global Ethical Finance Forum: What Can Islamic Finance Teach Impact Investors?

The Global Ethical Finance Forum in Scotland earlier this month was animated by mutual enlightenment and the spirit of Edinburgh’s native son, Adam Smith, whose The Theory of Moral Sentiments provided some of the philosophical and psychological underpinning of the often misinterpreted The Wealth of Nations. If Smith’s writing is often misinterpreted, so too is Islamic culture.

Investing in Impact Investors: Capria Accelerator to Seed First-Time Fund Managers

First-time fund managers have a hard time raising capital in any area of private equity. Add in low-income customers, challenging frontier markets and a requirement for demonstrable social impact and first-time social-impact fund managers face even greater obstacles. Yet without the ability to raise their first funds, even the sharpest impact fund managers won’t be

Sustainable Fish: Luxury or Necessity?

Among the glimpses I got of the changing seafood industry this month on a family visit to Deer Isle, Maine: working waterfronts, fish farms and climate change. Maine’s waters are among the fastest-warming in the world. The impact on fisheries is dramatic, including the closure of the cod and northern shrimp seasons. Still-plentiful lobster are