Which investors are bridging the gap in research funding?

Climate Finance The fate of climate and other public research may be in the hands of private investors and philanthropists as the EPA and other agencies face cutbacks under the Trump administration, reports FastCompany. Who’s stepping up? In January, Al Gore stepped in to revive a CDC climate and health conference in Atlanta. Bill Gates, Vinod

Will blood diamonds (and cell phone minerals) make a comeback?

Conflict minerals never fully went away, of course, but concerns rose when Michael Piwowar, the acting SEC chairman, said the agency’s rule that requires companies to disclose if minerals come from war-torn parts of Africa, is misguided and onerous for mining companies. Markets may trump U.S. regulations, however. Companies say they have their own reasons

Surdna Foundation maps the journey to its $100 million impact commitment

New York-based Surdna Foundation, which has an endowment of $1 billion, put $5 million into DBL Partners III, the third fund from Nancy Pfund’s team, who were early Tesla and SolarCity investors. Surdna released an internal report to share its decision-making since its 2014 commitment to make $100 million in loans, equity and investments for

Seven trends are transforming the global landscape through 2035

Climate Finance The new report from the National Intelligence Council assessing the forces and choices shaping the world for the next 20 years was released last month. Check out the major trends: The rich are aging, the poor are not. The global economy is shifting. Weak economic growth will persist in the near term. Technology is accelerating progress

Renewables are no longer ‘alternative.’ Fossil fuels are ‘legacy.’

The decision facing investors, from American families with 401(k)s to managers of the world’s largest pension and sovereign wealth funds, is whether to bet on the low-carbon energy transformation now well under way – or stick with business-as-usual. At stake is not only retirement security but whether the end of the fossil fuel era is

Does Impact Investing Matter in the Age of Trump and Brexit? (Or, How I Talked Myself Down From the Ledge)

I’ve been overwhelmed by the outpouring of ideas and passion since I put out a call for answers to the question, “Does impact investing still matter in the age of Trump and Brexit?” The takeaway: Yes, more than ever. On January 12 I sent an invitation to young professionals to an open house discussion at Nonprofit

CEOs feel the heat from consumers and employees on ties to Trump

CEOs are feeling the heat from consumers and employees on their ties to Trump. That didn’t take long. First Uber CEO Travis Kalanick quit the president’s business advisory council (but not before rival Lyft capitalized on public perception). Then Disney CEO Robert Iger skipped Friday’s meeting between Trump and the council. Tesla’s Elon Musk decided to go,