Bridges Ventures gets cheaper capital for energy-efficient real estate

Climate Finance It’s getting a little easier being green. Lloyds Bank’s Green Lending Initiative offers real estate owners lower-cost capital to make energy-efficiency upgrades. Bridges Ventures secured the first such discount for an existing loan. Lloyds is cutting Bridges’ interest rate by 0.2 percent in exchange for Bridges’ commitment to energy upgrades across its Flexspace chain

Conquest raises $124 million to hold renewable energy assets for the long term

Climate Finance Conquest has raised $124 million to hold renewable energy assets for the long term. Conquest’s Renewable Yield Europe fund will look to acquire solar and wind projects in western Europe that are already lined up for construction or operations. Conquest will hold on to the renewable plants for 20 years and offer investors long-term

Family offices and foundations look for impact opportunities in water

Climate Finance Rising global demand for water and the decline in reliable supplies means higher prices. That should drive a growing market in water efficiency, as farms, cities and industry value their water properly. And as public policy does the same, conservation efforts that restore degraded watersheds should also become investable. That’s the argument in

Fintech startups compete in the growing Middle East market

The small financial technology, or fintech, sector in the Middle East is expected to grow from about 100 startups in 2015 to as many as 250 by 2020, according to a new report. The growth is driven by the region’s high percentage of unbanked adults and low levels of small business lending from traditional institutions. Half

A sustainable global population in 2100 may depend on girls’ education

Women Rising The Malthusian apocalypse predicted in 1968’s Population Bomb by Paul Ehrlich came and went. There is broad consensus that world population will reach about about 8.5 billion by 2030, from nearly 7.5 billion today. But there’s still a debate whether global population will level off at about 9.5 billion after 2050, or keep

More Catholic capital flows toward impact investing

Pope Francis may be only the world’s third-greatest leader (behind Theo Epstein and Jack Ma, according to Fortune), but his 2014 endorsement of impact investing was still a big deal. Last year, the Vatican doubled down at a second conference to explore how the church and faith-based institutions can “harness the power of impact capital to

Green bonds launch in France, South Africa, Colombia

Climate Finance All green bonds, all the time. The ‘green’ in green bonds may be the cheaper money the issues are able to raise because of the marketing appeal of renewable energy and water resources. French energy company Engie has launched a €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) bond to finance renewable projects including wind, solar and hydroelectric