How Much Would You Pay for a Can of Tuna?

For decades, the five-ounce can of tuna fish has been the 99¢ pantry essential that U.S. families turned to for a quick sandwich or last-minute meal. Now, a new crew of tuna distributors, including Wild Planet, American Tuna and Ocean Naturals, is breaking the price barrier with brands that promise both sustainability and flavor. That

As Maine’s Waters Warm, a Seafood Investor Fosters Climate Resiliency

An invasion of green crabs. Plummeting populations of northern shrimp and cod. Shifting seasons for lobster, the anchor of Maine’s $585 million fishing economy. Stretching from Cape Cod to southern Nova Scotia, the Gulf of Maine is among the fastest-warming oceans in the world, a living laboratory for the effects of climate change on marine

eMoneyPool: Bringing #Fintech to a Centuries-Old Savings Tool

A cundina in Mexico. A chit fund in India. A sou sou in West African and Caribbean nations. Informal savings pools, around for centuries, are still the preferred savings tool of billions of low-income people around the world. Savings circles are common in another country with a large unbanked population as well — the United States. Phoenix-based

Behind the Impact Benchmark: Q & A with GIIN and Cambridge Associates

Impact investors are a tough crowd. For years, proponents have called for more data on impact fund performance and comparable returns to give investors better visibility into the real results of investments intended to generate social and environmental as well as financial benefits. But no sooner had the Global Impact Investing Network and Cambridge Associates released

Lending for African Farming: Financing the Other 90 Percent of Smallholder Agriculture

Social lenders such as Root Capital have pioneered financing for smallholder producers of export crops like coffee, cocoa, and tea. Now, Root is seeking to help build agricultural businesses that serve local staple crop markets as well — a financing market that may be 10 times as big. Root, together with Germany’s KfW Development Bank and agriculture

Who’s the Next Impact Target After Goldman Sachs Snaps Up Imprint Capital?

Goldman Sachs’ move to buy San Francisco-based Imprint Capital has the small community of impact investment asset managers and dealmakers buzzing about who might next be asked to dance by a Wall Street suitor. Goldman’s decision to buy, rather than build, its impact investing capacity for high-net-worth and institutional clients may prod other wealth-management giants

The Prison Reform #Fail That is Shaking the Social-Impact Bond Market

Green bonds have grown into a more than $40 billion annual market, while social-impact bonds have had trouble getting out of the starting gate. It doesn’t help when early and high-profile offerings not only fail to deliver returns to investors, but fail to deliver the social impact that the bonds were designed to finance in the first