Risk-Adjusted: Finding value in reduced risks for companies and communities (podcast)

https://medium.com/media/3354560be39150c6602b9d61e7096312/href Risk is getting an impact makeover. Systemic risk reduction is emerging as a powerful investment argument for enterprises that can mitigate risks such as food insecurity, water shortages and even human and labor rights transgressions. Corporations and other strategic investors increasingly are seeing positive social impact as part of their risk-management toolkits, opening a

To end AIDS by 2030 we need to get to 90-90-90 by 2020

Epidemics end, as smallpox and even Ebola show. The story that could be written in 2030 is that roughly 50 years after it began, AIDS is over. But epidemics don’t end by themselves. The exponential growth of infection has to be matched by persistent effort to beat it back. To be able to meet the

Indian microfinance firm Spandana is back from the brink

Indian microfinance firm Spandana is back from the brink. The Hyderabad-based firm has raised equity of $100 million and $170 million in debt that lets it fully repay its past loans. Founded in 1998, Spandana was one of India’s largest microfinance lenders in the microfinance hotbed of Andhra Pradesh, until the market crashed in 2010 following the

Raise.Me raises $12 million to build college “micro-scholarship” pipeline

Raise.Me has raised $12 million to build college “micro-scholarship” pipeline. Raise.Me matches colleges and universities with eligible financial aid recipients in high school. The platform lets universities allocate “micro-scholarships” to high school students as rewards for good grades or extracurricular activities. Students can receive backing from multiple schools, though only receive the aid they “bank”

The Yield closes $6.5 million in financing to expand farm sensors from Australia to U.S.

The Yield has closed $6.5 million in financing to expand farm sensors from Australia to U.S. The Australia-based company produces sensors that inform farmers about “microclimate” data on their farms, like water and soil quality. Farmers then use a subscription service to make harvesting decisions. Many large, sophisticated farming operations still largely rely on sight and instinct

Where Tesla still lags Ford: Self-driving cars

Electric car maker Tesla hit a milestone last week when its market value of $49 billion overtook Ford’s $46 billion (while selling 76,000 cars last year to Ford’s 6.7 million). But Big Auto still may have an edge over Silicon Valley upstarts in the race for self-driving cars. A recent report from management consulting firm