More Catholic capital flows toward impact investing

Pope Francis may be only the world’s third-greatest leader (behind Theo Epstein and Jack Ma, according to Fortune), but his 2014 endorsement of impact investing was still a big deal. Last year, the Vatican doubled down at a second conference to explore how the church and faith-based institutions can “harness the power of impact capital to

Green bonds launch in France, South Africa, Colombia

Climate Finance All green bonds, all the time. The ‘green’ in green bonds may be the cheaper money the issues are able to raise because of the marketing appeal of renewable energy and water resources. French energy company Engie has launched a €1.5 billion ($1.6 billion) bond to finance renewable projects including wind, solar and hydroelectric

Indian angel investors back Haqdarshak to match needs to government support

Indian angel investors have backed Haqdarshak to match needs to government support. Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions has registered 1,500 government programs on its platform, such as a fund in Delhi that provides financial assistance for girls’ education. The Haqdarshack app walks candidates through a multilingual questionnaire, matches them to programs and then helps them apply, collecting

Belu has donated $2.5 million in profits to WaterAid’s clean water projects

Climate Finance Belu has donated $2.5 million in profits to WaterAid’s clean water projects. Bottled water is the scourge of many environmentalists, but the U.K.-based bottled water company Belu has cultivated a different reputation. Belu launched in 2010 as a carbon-neutral, environmentally and socially conscious water business. The company releases an impact report every year.

Turning old coal mines into hydroelectric batteries

Climate Finance Elon Musk isn’t the only one with clever ideas for energy storage. A half-century old coal mine in the North-Rhine Westphalia state in Germany is being converted into a 200-megawatt battery for hydro power. The project would store power for 400,000 homes and continue to employ local workers. If successful, it will help the region, which

Boring conservation finance products get investors excited

Climate Finance Fund managers and investment advisors are increasingly attracted to the stable yields from investments in sustainable agriculture, forestry and water. “Capital markets like boring,” writes Credit Suisse’s Fabian Huwyler in his report on last month’s Conservation Finance conference. Investor interest is growing for sustainable and organic agriculture, sustainable forestry, land management and water investments

Artificial intelligence may create jobs as well as destroy them

In the near-term, AI will likely augment human workers, rather than replace them, taking over tasks rather than jobs themselves. Still, whole categories of workers, from truck drivers to lawyer to radiologists, will be affected, and there likely will be fewer of them. Artificial intelligence will also create new jobs, but those are harder to