South African firm stakes $37 million on new fund for renewables and women-owned businesses

Women Rising South African firm stakes $37 million on new fund for renewables and women-owned businesses Sekunjalo Investment Group in Cape Town hopes to raise two billion rand ($150 million) to spur South Africa’s impact investment sector. Sekunjalo is seeding a new fund with 500 million rand ($37 million) of its own capital to attract

Double impact for new crop of Nigerian social enterprises

Twenty social entrepreneurs are part of the fourth Social Innovators Program & Awards (SIPA) in Lagos. Backed by LEAP Africa and Union Bank of Nigeria, the program incubates 20 social entrepreneurs focused on critical issues, like malnutrition, which affects 20 percent of Nigeria’s children. Now in its fourth year, SIPA has additional impact as well, creating

Long-termism pays off for business and society

The U.S. economy might have grown by an additional $1 trillion and generated five million more jobs in the last decade if all companies had performed as well as those focused on 10- and 15-year business goals rather than immediate profit making. A new study by McKinsey Global Institute and FCLT Capital that tracked financial performance

U.S. market tips toward cleaner energy

Climate Finance The US will soon be mostly powered by renewables and natural gas. Already, half of the US energy needs are being met by renewables (15 percent) and natural gas (34 percent) energy. That represents a 12 percentage-point increase in the last five years, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s annual Sustainable Energy in America report.

Silicon Valley aims to democratize individualized education

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen predicts two kinds of jobs in the future: some people will tell computers what to do, others will be told what to do by computers. The difference may be education that emphasizes individuality, a long-time privilege for affluent families, reports the Financial Times. The Emerson Collective, backed by Laurene Powell Jobs,

Six opportunities — and one big risk — for impact investors in 2017

New political realities have been a wake up call for the growing movement seeking demonstrable, measurable impact on social and environmental challenges. Stripped of a sympathetic U.S. administration, investors and activists trying to mobilize private capital to curb climate change, eliminate global poverty and close the gap on income inequality are choosing whether to shy