How impact investors can change the status quo for smallholder

Most of the world’s poor depend on farming to make a living, mostly in Africa, Latin America, and South Asia. A 2014 study by Bain estimated that 2.5 billion people living on less than $4 per day rely on smallholder farming to survive. To improve permanently the livelihoods of these 2.5 billion poor dependent on smallholder

Exxon shareholders are voting today on the Paris agreement

All eyes on Exxon today, after Occidental Petroleum shareholders voted overwhelmingly to urge the company to assess its carbon risk. Exxon has stepped up the pressure to vote against the resolution. But they’ve caved on the issue itself, and promise to take carbon-risk seriously. Either way, the reality of carbon-math kicks in. What makes this

MyStrongHome launches with $8 million from Calvert Foundation for coastal climate adaptation

Often the discussion of climate resilience focuses on vulnerable overseas communities, but severe and changing weather patterns are also having a noticeable effect on many parts of the U.S., including the bayous of Louisiana. The investment from Calvert is part of the Bethesda, Md., nonprofit investment manager’s new Capital Aggregation initiative to syndicate fixed-income investment gets funding boost from big names in tech

Call it a sign of the times: West Coast billionaires are throwing their weight behind, a for-profit “social enterprise” that serves as a hub for petitions and civic engagement. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman led the $30 million investment, with backing from Bill Gates and Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman. Hoffman described the deal as

Danone pours funds into Ghana dairy venture

The French food giant is injecting $25 million into a Ghanaian dairy business it acquired with The Abraaj Group in 2013. The capital will go to expanding the production capacity of the Fan Milk factory in Accra, adding 200 local jobs in the process. Danone says in a company statement that it is committed to local

Nordic solutions to global challenges

As the Trump administration turns away from the global consensus on sustainable development (see above), the Nordics are doubling down. Case in point: Norway is phasing out gas and diesel-powered cars by 2025. Norway already leads the world in electric car ownership. There are 100,000 electric vehicles driving Norwegian roads — the highest per capita of any