Can the end of ‘bullshit jobs’ spark a renaissance in meaningful work?

First they came for farmers. Then they came for factory workers. But now the professional class is feeling the pain, as automation and outsourcing displaces legions of bankers, accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and managers (and, dare we say, journalists). By 2030 or so, automation could replace between 45 and 55 percent of current U.S. and

Impact Capitalism Summit to Take Stock of the ‘Trump Effect’ on Impact Investing

The conventional wisdom among impact investors and observers is that the election of President Trump has sparked a wave of investor activism, as purpose-driven investors seek ways to align their portfolios with their concerns for social justice and the environment. But in the trenches of fundraising for impact ventures and funds, the story is less

Action trumps politics on climate

One of the delicious tidbits to emerge from the infighting in the Trump administration is the codename Steve Bannon’s nationalists use to refer to the leader of the globalist wing, National Economic Council chief Gary Cohn: CTC, for “Carbon Tax Cohn.” The factions are expected to go at it today, in a White House meeting

Danone to create a public benefit corporation to hold WhiteWave

The French multinational food company signaled it wants to preserve WhiteWave’s healthy vibe after completing its $10 billion acquisition of the U.S. dairy company. Danone Dairy and WhiteWave’s health-focused brands (including Horizon Organic, Silk and Earthbound Farm) will combine under the name DanoneWave, which will become one of the largest “public benefit corporations” to date. Benefit corporations,

Buffets launch a seven-year, $90 million plan to support girls of color in the U.S.

Members of the Buffet family have launched a seven-year, $90 million plan to support girls of color in the U.S. The NoVo Foundation, established by Peter and Jennifer Buffett, will target groups and organizations working with girls of color in the southeastern U.S., home to 40 percent of minority girls in the U.S. Warren Buffett’s youngest son

IntelleGrow to raise $100 million to meet capital demand from Indian social ventures

CEO Akbar Khan, the former GE executive who joined IntelleGrow in November, is charting an aggressive growth strategy for the company. The venture debt arm of India’s Intellecap Group plans to raise $100 million in debt and equity this year to finance young, high-risk and under-banked companies in social sectors in India. “As our customers grow, their

Housing startups test new approaches to increase supply and affordability

Urban.Us, a U.S. venture capital firm targeting the challenges of cities, opened its playbook for investing in housing startups. “The top 10 home builders made a combined $43 billion in 2015,” Urban.Us co-founder Stonly Baptiste notes in a post on Medium. A few takeaways: Better housing requires better designs and manufacturing processes. See Manufacton, which helps