The immediate outpouring of resistance against President Trump’s hastily drawn ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries was driven by moral, humanitarian and constitutional concerns. Some business leaders have already rejected Trump’s move, including Starbucks’ Howard Schultz, Netflix’s Reed Hastings and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has said the company is working on a

Inclusive Economics Monterey-based venture capital firm Ignia has invested $200 million in companies supporting upward economic mobility. The emerging middle class represents 70 percent of the population, with $426 billion in annual purchasing power. Ignia’s latest investments have been in Abra, a mobile money startup using blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin; Pangea Money Transfer, an

You wouldn’t know we’re in the dog days of summer from the past month in social business. NextBillion’s editors sample some of the many developments that have captured their attention in recent weeks – from emerging technologies and new partnerships to intensifying debates. 1. Irresponsible Exit?  Back in November 2015, the pioneering, non-profit microfinance network