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Join ImpactAlpha at SOCAP15: 21st Century Talent, Neighborhood Economics, Sustainable Supply Chains

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ImpactAlpha is excited to again be a media sponsor of SOCAP, the annual gathering of the Social Capital Markets community. For the eighth year in a row, SOCAP15 will convene leading impact investors, world-class entrepreneurs, and innovative cross-sector practitioners for three full days of networking and engaging content.

Last year’s sold out-event gathered more than 2,200 participants. For 2015 the SOCAP team is gearing up for over 2,500 attendees with over 100 sessions for learning, connecting, and meeting peers and potential partners. As SOCAP co-founder and convener Kevin Jones puts it: “Pay attention to the people in the audience with you, look for the valuable stranger, the unlikely ally.”

SOCAP explores the market at the intersection of money and meaning, the space between giving and investing, while exploring systems, investments opportunities, entrepreneurial endeavors and collaborations that are protecting ecosystems and building more inclusive economies.

SOCAP15 Event Details and Discounts

SOCAP14(Day3)-9664Tuesday, October 6, 2015 at 3:00 pm PDT – Friday, October 9, 2015, at 3:00 pm PDT at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Click here for more info.

For tickets: As part of our partnership we are able to share a special ticket discount code with our network. Use the code: NW500_ImpactAlpha at checkout, or use this link.

What’s New for SOCAP15

In keeping with its history, SOCAP15 will feature content from across the growing landscape of social capital with a focus on innovative investing and entrepreneurs focusing on impact. Past SOCAP attendees have made it clear that they come to network and collaborate. SOCAP15 will feature expanded opportunities for interaction through participatory sessions. This year’s event will devote more programming time for individuals to share inspirational stories and deep practitioner insights, in addition to an engaging lineup of panels to stimulate a provocative dialogue.

SOCAP15 is organized by themes, including:

21st Century Talent – The growing impact economy needs a strong pipeline of talent, from entry level team members to top executives. Graduates and mid-career changers are clamoring to join this field, but it requires individuals who are fluent in both business and impact. At SOCAP15 we will engage the community to uncover the gaps, share solutions, and kick-start the next generation of professional development for the impact economy.

Divest/Invest – Thanks to funded research, SOCAP15 will highlight the real players in the Divest/Invest movement and will explore a total portfolio approach to aligning investment assets with personal or institutional objectives.

SOCAP14(Day2)-9237Financial Inclusion – SOCAP15 will expand upon previous explorations of financial inclusion, the movement within finance to move away from making money off the poor with financial services and technologies that reduce the cost of being poor.

Neighborhood Economics – The conference will also explore the myriad ways entrepreneurs are helping communities invest in the places where they live, taking control of their local neighborhood economies to create places that are healthier, wealthier, and more vibrant.

Sustainable Supply Chain – From Fortune 500 companies to seed-stage startups, businesses are making investments to improve the sustainability of their supply chain, resulting in tremendous positive impact and delivering long-term financial benefit. SOCAP15 will explore the progress and future innovation opportunities in this exciting area of sustainability.

Explore the full list of SOCAP15 Themes.

In addition, the annual SOCAP Open call for suggestions generated more than 200 submissions. After thousands of votes from the public and review by an advisory panel, the SOCAP Programming team selected more than two dozen sessions to be featured at SOCAP this year. This means approximately 25% of the programming at SOCAP15 will be community-generated, with a wide range of session topics. Among them:

See the full list of selected SOCAP Open sessions.

SOCAPTV will span a variety of topics from creative placemaking to the ebola epidemic to sustainable fishing, and designing our new economy. The common thread is impact. Many of the SOCAPTV sessions have been selected from SOCAP Open submissions. You can get a sneak preview of the session topics here.

See you there!