Senior Research Associate, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Research

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Position Description   

To equitably address climate change, we need accurate, timely information to identify actionable paths and secure resources that can drive a clean energy transition. The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance (SEEA) is at the forefront of this transition through our research, centered on where people and the energy sector meet. We seek to understand how energy infrastructures, policies, and programs impact diverse communities throughout the Southeast, and how we can improve these to benefit the economic well-being, health, and security of communities throughout our region. To this end, we tell impactful stories that call attention to the energy needs in our communities and inform actions that improve the lives of everyone living in the Southeast. Our innovative data analyses provide evidence-based information to decision-makers but remain rooted in a unique regional context.

SEEA seeks qualified candidates for a senior research associate position to support this transformative research. As a core member of the research team, you’ll design research projects, collect and analyze a range of data, and create accessible content on energy efficiency and equity, transportation, the built environment, health, and clean energy financing and deployment. You’ll also engage with decision-makers, community groups, and other stakeholders to identify their needs and produce valuable research products.

How You Will Create Change – Core Responsibilities 

Research and Writing (40%) 

  • Design and carry out independent and collaborative research projects on a range of topics, including identifying research questions, research methodologies, data sources, and key conclusions;
  • Organize and distill findings derived from qualitative and quantitative analyses into content for a variety of audiences, including peer-reviewed articles, reports, whitepapers, policy memos, data visualizations, and fact sheets;
  • Track developments relevant to SEEA’s work on building policies, utilities, electric transportation, and energy equity, and survey existing scholarly and policy literature on relevant topics;
  • Manage research administration tasks, including organizing tasks, creating deliverables, and preparing and maintaining project records;
  • Contribute to internal and external research proposals.

Data Analytics (40%) 

  • Identify, collect, and prepare a range of geospatial, quantitative, and qualitative data for analyses;
  • Independently design and carry out complex statistical analyses of datasets;
  • Identify and track methodological developments related to SEEA’s data analytics work through scholarly and policy literature;
  • Report on research findings through compelling products, including maps, tables, charts, and other graphics;
  • Support efforts to build interactive and accessible geospatial and shared data resources, including ArcGIS StoryMaps, web applications, and data dashboards.

Collaboration and Communication (20%) 

  • Share information with a range of regional stakeholders to advance policies, programs, and practices in the region;
  • Collaborate with SEEA’s communications and the entire team to translate research findings into a variety of media formats including fact sheets, reports, presentations, dashboards, websites, and webinars;
  • Contribute content and expertise to develop public-facing resources and presentations;
  • Present research findings to SEEA internal staff and external stakeholders;
  • Manage relationships with key external stakeholders, including working with stakeholders to identify and meet research needs and apply for external funding;
  • Support SEEA’s annual membership and development goals and the annual Southeast Energy Summit.


We are seeking candidates looking to grow their work in the Southeast’s clean energy sector with the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree required; master’s degree in a related field preferred.
  • At least two years of experience conducting independent academic or applied research and data analyses, with experience carrying out research on public policy topics;
  • Experience working in energy and/or sustainability policy is not required but is preferred;
  • Experience developing data science models and statistical analysis approaches, including using data analysis tools, software packages, or programming languages (R, SPSS, Python, or others);
  • Experience using geographic information systems (GIS) technologies, including Tableau and ArcGIS Pro;
  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently, take initiative, and lead by example;
  • Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently, adapt to shifting priorities, meet project objectives, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Commitment to learning and growing, upgrading knowledge and skills, and the ability to accept, learn from, and offer feedback to cross-functional team members.

If you are excited about the Senior Research Associate position, but do not feel you meet every single criterion, we encourage you to apply anyway! Research shows that individuals from historically marginalized groups tend to self-select out of opportunities at higher rates. We take a comprehensive approach to all our hiring practices and want to hire those best aligned with our mission and goals.


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