| June 7, 2024

Quality Inspector, Affordable Housing and Quality Assurance

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As a Quality Inspector for Model Z, your primary responsibility is to ensure that modular homes meet established quality standards and specifications throughout the manufacturing process. The Quality Inspector is responsible for conducting incoming material, in-process, final inspections, identifying defects, audits and working collaboratively with production teams to maintain and enhance product quality and reliability.


Inspection Planning:

● Collaborate with production teams to understand the production schedule and prioritize inspections accordingly.

● Review production schedules, engineering drawings, and specifications to plan inspections effectively.

Incoming Material Inspection:

● Check the quality of raw materials and components as they arrive.

● Verify that materials meet the specified standards and match the provided documentation.

● Conduct visual inspections and use measurement tools to ensure compliance.

In-Process Inspection:

● Monitor and inspect the manufacturing process at various stages.

● Check for adherence to design specifications and quality standards.

● Identify and address any issues or deviations from the quality plan.

● Documentation and Record Keeping

● Maintain detailed records of inspections, including results and any non-conformances.

● Generate reports to communicate inspection findings to relevant stakeholders.

● Document any corrective actions taken and their effectiveness.

Dimensional and Functional Testing:

● Use appropriate measuring tools and equipment to perform dimensional inspections.

● Conduct functional tests to ensure that the product performs as intended.

● Verify that products meet specified tolerances and functional requirements

● Regularly calibrate inspection tools and equipment to ensure accuracy.

● Maintain records of calibration activities to demonstrate compliance with quality standards.

Collaboration with Other Departments:

● Work closely with production, engineering, and other relevant departments to address quality concerns.

● Participate in cross-functional teams to implement corrective and preventive actions

Continuous Improvement:

● Identify opportunities for process improvement and efficiency gains. Provide feedback on quality

issues to contribute to the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

● Stay updated on industry standards and regulations.

● Provide training to production and other relevant staff on quality standards and inspection

procedures. Foster a culture of quality awareness and continuous improvement.

Root Cause Analysis:

● Investigate and determine the root causes of quality issues.

● Participate in cross-functional teams to implement corrective actions and prevent recurrence.

Customer Interaction:

● Interface with customers or client representatives during audits or inspections.

● Address customer concerns and ensure that products meet or exceed their expectations.

● In a start-up environment, flexibility and adaptability are crucial as the processes and products may evolve rapidly. The quality inspector should be proactive in identifying and addressing potential issues to contribute to the overall success and growth of the company.


● Education: A high school diploma or equivalent is required. Additional education or certification in quality control or a related field is a plus.

● Experience: Previous experience in quality inspection, preferably in the construction or manufacturing industry, is desirable.

● Ability to climb on and inspect large construction equipment regularly.

● Ability to operate Forklift & obtain licenses, Pallet Jacks.

● Able to Interpret engineering drawings.

● Decent proficiency in computer skills, applications, internet. Microsoft Word, Excel, working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

● Availability to work flexible hours, including weekends and evenings if required.


● Must be detail-oriented with strong organizational skills. Commitment to maintaining high-quality standards.

● Familiarity with construction materials, building codes, and industry regulations.

● Ability to work independently, meet tight deadlines and to adapt to a fast-changing environment.

● Ability to use various inspection tools and equipment.

● Excellent Verbal and written communication skills to effectively collaborate with different teams.

● Well-developed time management skills with the ability to manage multiple priorities

● Problem-solving skills and the ability to make informed decisions.

● Experience with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems.


SoLa Impact offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes paid vacation, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, as well as pet insurance, sick leave, 10 paid holidays, and bereavement days. This package is designed to provide employees with a range of important benefits that help to support their physical and emotional well-being, while also providing financial protection and peace of mind.


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