| May 1, 2024


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Mike Dub

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Are you graduating from your bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, marketing, computer science or a similar degree and looking to kickstart your career with an impact-focused investment firm working in the fastest-growing economies in Africa?


Do you have a passion for investing, blended finance, economics and creating social value? Do you like working through challenging problems, rolling up your sleeves and getting into the details, designing and driving forward projects that have real impact and celebrating wins with like-minded professionals?


Do you want to leverage your learnings and deepen your understanding of international finance? Would you like to spend time in emerging markets, experience new cultures and meet entrepreneurs and investors on the front lines of economic development?


If you answered yes to the above, this internship program starting September 2024 at Renew Capital is for you!



  • We have become one of the most active investment firms in East and Southern Africa, and our investor network has grown to become the largest North American-based angel group dedicated to SMEs in Africa.
  • We have a deep belief that drives our work: we focus on opportunities in developing nations rather than on problems. We invest rather than provide handouts. We find promising businesses in Africa, connect them to investors around the world and grow them into world-class companies. We do this because we believe that many growing businesses together create the engine that lifts entire nations out of poverty.
  • We have portfolio companies in multiple East African countries, and a team based all over the globe, spanning three continents, all pursuing the same mission and goal: to find excellent companies, scale them, get our investors returns, and create thousands of jobs and significant social impact in the process.



  • Your program will consist of two parts: First, you’ll be onboarded, learn about Renew Capital and our investment practice and you’ll get a ton of insight into the impact investing industry in Africa.
  • Building on from what you learn, you will work more closely with management in block two. Assist with projects and other tasks related to your assigned professional track. Both parts will be fast-paced, educational and hands-on.



Specific roles and responsibilities will fall under one of Renew Capital’s areas of work, depending on the interests, skills, experience and background of the candidates. Candidates will be placed in one of our offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda or Rwanda.



  • Consulting Professional: Eager to develop your skills in consulting? You would join Renew Capital’s Consulting Co, where you would manage a key deliverable under one of our international development projects.
  • Entrepreneur/ problem solver: Eager to get involved in world class businesses? You would join our Advisory Co, with the idea that you would sit in a portfolio company a couple days a week, helping solve business problems, while still receiving mentorship and conduct work with the Renew Capital team.
  • Investment professional: Eager to hone your financial modeling, due diligence, and risk assessment skills? You would sit with the Renew Capital Venture Capital Co and evaluate deal opportunities as they come in.
  • Data and research professional: Looking to contribute to one of the Oxford pillars of research and innovation? You would sit with the Research team and conduct cutting edge research on emerging African markets, real-time analysis of industries/ sectors, emerging trends, etc.
  • Finance: Eager to cultivate your abilities in corporate finance? You would work with Renew Capital’s Finance and Administration team and immerse yourself in various aspects of financial management and analysis while contributing to real projects and initiatives within our organization.
  • Marketing: Eager to tell Africa’s story as a land of opportunity? You would work with Renew Capital’s Media Co team and learn valuable insights into the world of marketing and equip you with the experience and skills needed to excel in your future career.


Candidate Background:

In candidates, we look for professionals with a trailblazing attribute who align with our organizational values of intelligence, integrity, beauty and grit. We welcome challenges and face them head-on each and every day! What we do is not easy, but it is rewarding and forces us to grow and innovate. As such, we hire individuals who are committed to their work, take pride in what they do and are relentless in advancing projects forward in a systematic manner. The people that flourish at Renew Capital are mission-driven; they see the big picture and the long-term result of their work, and they sincerely wish to make a lasting economic impact on the continent of Africa. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply.


About Renew Capital:

We invite you to learn more about Renew Capital by visiting our website: www.renewcapital.com.


Renew Capital is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran or disability status, or any other basis prohibited by law. Further, Renew Capital supports gender-based pay equity and is committed to compensating women and men equally, for equal work.

To apply for this job please visit www.linkedin.com.