| May 22, 2024

Program Officer, Safety in Memphis, TN | Local Initiatives Support Corporation

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Since 1979, LISC and its affiliates have invested approximately $29.7 billion in businesses, affordable housing, health, educational mobility, community and recreational facilities, public safety, employment, and other projects that help to revitalize and stabilize underinvested communities. Headquartered in New York City, LISC’s reach spans the country from East coast to West coast in 38 markets with offices extending from Buffalo to San Francisco and in 2,400 rural counties across 49 states and Puerto Rico. Visit us at www.lisc.org

Over the last few years Memphis has witnessed excessive increases in community violence. Most of this violence is often attributed to a small number of repeat offenders who lack the resources and supports needed to transition out of a life of crime. Community-based organizations and local government partners have begun implementing newly created violence reduction initiatives; however, many of these local partners are siloed in their approach to the work and find it difficult to engage in strategic collaboration and coordination.

In response to this need, LISC Memphis is seeking a Program Officer, Safety to provide project management and strategic coordination of a public health focused violence reduction initiative designed to convene local partners around the creation of a Community Violence Intervention and Prevention (CVIP) Ecosystem. By developing a comprehensive violence reduction ecosystem approach, LISC and local partners hope to impact a number of variables known to drive community violence in Memphis – such as the lack of trust in law enforcement, lack of partnership coordination, and a lack of safety and quality public healthcare.



Job Description

As part of the Program Officer, Safety role, they will be expected to support, advance, and communicate programmatic objectives with key local stakeholders including city/municipal leadership such as mayors, city councilors, police department, and city department heads; anchor institutions such as schools, community centers and local businesses; research partners; community leaders and advocacy organizations; and key sustainability partners such as local foundations and budget officials. The Program Officer will also collaborate with the national LISC Safety & Justice team to coordinate Training and Technical Assistance activities, communications, consultant deployments, and peer to peer engagements.


Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a partnership engagement plan and assist in developing MOUs between individual partners, government agencies, police department, and community-based organizations.
  • Support local partners and their relationships with stakeholders, practitioners and advocates by providing guidance and developing resources such as reports, fact sheets, and technical assistance guidance on community violence intervention and prevention policies and strategies.
  • Conduct community asset mapping with local partners to ensure appropriate resources and supports are identified for high-risk clientele.
  • Support the fostering of new and deepened relationships with community stakeholders, national partners, resident groups, local government, and funders to support new community policing and safety programming.
  • Oversee and take part in the development and production of trainings, webinars, small group web dialogues, online tutorials, and other violence reduction resources.
  • Develop reports and update dashboards/monitoring sheets designed to track programmatic inputs, outputs, and outcomes, including developing workplans for and tracking outcomes of consultant subject matter experts retained by LISC.
  • Provide high-level grant management of public and private grant portfolios, including fundraising support, and provide organizational resources, networking opportunities, and strategic guidance to each site.


Program Responsibilities: 

  • Support local community safety efforts and ecosystem development through project management, programmatic coordination, and supervision.
  • Work with local partners to develop a CVIP ecosystem collaborative working group.
  • Work with city departments and local community partners to evaluate local problem analysis processes. Keep abreast of best practices and evidence-informed strategies and policies associated with community violence interventions, community policing, and place-based safety efforts.
  • Research and disseminate best practices associated with taking a public health approach to violence reduction.
  • Provide assistance, guidance, and support to local partners implementing community violence intervention and prevention initiatives.
  • Serve as a convener to bring together local CVIP partners such as public health practitioners, local government partners, community-based organizations, and local service providers.
  • Support continual diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) learning and adoption of anti-racist values and actions consistent with LISC’s internal and external DEIJ priorities.
  • Provide continual communications with the LISC Safety and Justice team.



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university preferred or equivalent relevant work experience in a related field
  • Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience in nonprofit/community development or experience in community safety/policing/community violence intervention.
  • Possess a knowledge and understanding of best practices associated with community violence. intervention and/or strategies designed to improve neighborhood safety and reduce gun violence.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, writing, research, analysis, and relationship/team building skills.
  • Solution-oriented individual who is a strategic thinker, self-directed, and able to successfully balance multiple priorities and programs.
  • Flexibility in working with a diverse range of individuals and organizations, including but not limited to community development organizations, public agencies, national partners, private developers, funders, and lenders.
  • Understand and apply project management tools and processes.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite and Outlook required.
  • Grant and fund development experience preferred.



To apply for this job please visit boards.greenhouse.io.