| May 21, 2024

Request for Proposal (ESO Research, Analysis and Mapping Consultant)

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In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape, with a surge in the establishment and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across various sectors. These SMEs play a pivotal role in driving economic development, fostering innovation, and generating employment opportunities within the country. Integral to the growth and development of SMEs are Enterprise Support Organizations (ESOs) that are crucial in providing essential resources like access to capital and other forms of enterprise technical assistance/support that contribute to SMEs’ profitability and sustainability. Hence, improving the coordination, quality and quantity of enterprise support is crucial to building an enabling environment for sustainable businesses to thrive in Nigeria. IIF contributes significantly to the development of a viable and cohesive ecosystem for enterprise support in Nigeria.

Mapping the ESO landscape in Nigeria will serve as a foundational step towards fostering collaboration, synergy, and resource optimization among key ecosystem players. By fostering greater visibility and connectivity among ESOs, the initiative will catalyze partnerships, knowledge exchange, and collective action towards addressing common challenges and maximizing the impact of enterprise support interventions.


Scope of Services

  • Develop a workplan for carrying out the ESO Landscape research, analysis and mapping exercise.
  • Develop research, mapping and assessment tools to comprehensively evaluate ESOs in Nigeria, capturing their strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities within the ESO landscape.
  • Undertake mapping to identify the ESOs in Nigeria capturing essential details including but not limited to organizational information, location, field/specialization, leadership demographics, stage of enterprise development supported, as well as enterprise support services offered and programs provided.
  • Identify other key stakeholders within the ESO ecosystem, highlighting their priorities, service offerings, and contributions to the broader ESO landscape.
  • Analyse the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of ESOs and other ecosystem stakeholders specifically highlighting the current trends, gaps and opportunities for collaboration, innovation, capacity building and high quality enterprise support service delivery.
  • Evaluate the current state of Enterprise Support Organizations (ESOs) in Nigeria and underscore the challenges hindering their optimal performance within the ecosystem.
  • Recommendations on interventions for addressing the challenges and strengthening the operational and strategic capacity of ESOs while building a thriving Collaborative. Highlight activities that increase funding for high quality enterprise support in Nigeria.


Contact Information

Interested consultants should contact [email protected] with a cc to [email protected] for additional information and/or submission of proposals.

Submission of proposals must be made electronically on or before 5:00 PM (WAT) on Thursday, May 2, 2024 with the email Subject title: “ESO Analysis and Mapping Consultant
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Deadline: May 2, 2024




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