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Company Description
The Bridges Impact Foundation is a non-profit that operates two programs: Impact Frontiers and the
Turner MIINT impact investment pitch competition, which has been run in partnership with the
Wharton Social Impact Initiative since 2012.

Impact Frontiers
Impact Frontiers is a peer learning and market-building collaboration focused on advancing impact
management among asset managers, asset owners, and field-building associations and networks. The
mission of Impact Frontiers is to catalyze and accelerate investors’ integration of impact alongside
financial risk and return into their investment practices.

Impact Frontiers originated from Root Capital’s efforts to integrate a third dimension of impact into the
two-dimensional ‘efficient frontier’ of financial risk and return. To see if others could do the same,
twelve investors joined in the first Impact Frontiers Collaboration, where they translated and
implemented the integrated approach across a diverse set of portfolios totaling $15 billion. From these
funds’ experience, Impact Frontiers synthesized a set of generalizable steps relevant to a wide range of
investors in this article and handbook.
As it grew, the initiative migrated from Root Capital to the Impact Management Project (IMP), a nonprofit forum for building global consensus on how to measure, manage, and report impacts on
sustainability – thus serving as a natural platform for industry-wide collaboration. Impact Frontiers
incubated as a project of the IMP from 2019 to 2021. When the IMP concluded its five-year term in
2021, Impact Frontiers incorporated the full set of resources developed by the IMP’s community of

Activities: cohorts and consensus-building
Impact Frontiers supports investors in putting open-source impact management content into practice.
Our facilitated peer cohorts create a safe and confidential forum for investors to test and refine new
approaches, share experiences, and learn from peers. We have facilitated more than a dozen investor
cohorts cumulatively since 2018, including more than 100 investment organizations across asset classes
and investor types. In addition to our cohorts, in 2023, we launched an online curriculum that enables
investors to navigate our open-access content independently anytime, anywhere.
The larger share of Impact Frontiers’ efforts focuses on building consensus on topics and domains of
impact management practice in which standards and guidance do not yet exist. Impact Frontiers
aggregates synthesizes, and shares new practices that can help investors increase their impact, carrying

forward the content and facilitation practices pioneered by the Impact Management Project. In 2023,
Impact Frontiers’ consensus-building projects included:
• Impact performance reporting
• Investor contribution
• Impact portfolio construction
• Systems mapping for impact management
In Q2 2024, Impact Frontiers will launch version 1.0 of the Norms of Impact Performance Reporting –
based on two rounds of public consultation with more than 200 investment organizations – including a
pilot phase in which leading GPs, LPs, and independent reviewers pilot the Norms in 2024 and 2025.
In January 2024, Impact Frontiers began an intensive year-long consensus-building project on Impact
Management for Social Equity and will also continue work on investor contribution and impact portfolio
Impact Frontiers is led by Founder and Executive Director Mike McCreless, who serves concurrently as
Executive Director of the Bridges Impact Foundation.

Position Overview:
We are looking for a full-time senior manager or director who will lead research and field-building
projects at Impact Frontiers. The position will supervise one or more associates and managers and
involve preparation and presentation of new impact management content in public, such as webinars
and industry conferences. Seniority will be determined based on the candidate’s prior experience and
skill set.
Responsibilities will include some or all of the following, depending on organizational needs and the
candidate’s experience, expertise, and interests:

1. Industry research & consensus-building projects (90%):
Ø Advancing Impact Management for Social Equity
² About: This project will 1) incorporate social equity into the Norms of impact
management (e.g., five dimensions of impact) through social equity audits commissioned
by experts in data, gender, and racial equity and 2) develop new guidance on impact
management practices for investors allocating capital to achieve social equity outcomes.
For more details on this project, see here.
² Responsibilities:
l Project leadership and management
l Conduct primary and secondary research with team members
l Produce high-quality written reports and presentation materials
l Coordinate collaboration with industry experts and practitioners
l Present results in public forums (including webinars and conferences)
Ø Impact Performance Reporting Project Phase 2
² About: This project supports GPs, LPs, and independent reviewers in piloting version 1.0
of the Impact Performance Reporting Norms. It will include:
l Design and delivery of training sessions for pilot participants

l Facilitation of topical working groups (e.g., on reporting for listed equity funds, for
development finance institutions, analysis and presentation of qualitative data in
impact reports, etc.)
l Creation of an open-access online training curriculum
l Translation of the Norms into multiple languages
For more details on this project, see here.
² Responsibilities:
l Support project lead
l Conduct primary and secondary research
l Produce high-quality written reports and presentation materials
l Relationship management with industry associations and networks that are
partnering with Impact Frontiers to support their members in piloting the Norms
Ø Other field-building and research projects that arise

2. General management (10%)
Ø Depending on prior experience and interest, support the Executive Director in supervising the
ongoing operations of the Bridges Impact Foundation. The position will have the support of an
experienced part-time Operations Associate as well as that of outsourced providers of
accounting, audit, IT, and legal services
Ø Financial accounting, reporting, and internal controls
² Reviewing accounting and tax filing procedures. The candidate will be expected to have a
basic knowledge of the subject. Specific duties will include overseeing invoicing,
reimbursement, settlement, and reviewing the content of monthly financial statements.
The candidate manages the relationship with an outsourced bookkeeping firm.
² Developing and executing internal control procedures to ensure adequate internal
controls and segregation of duties exist for all transactions.
Ø Human resources and legal
² Providing support in the day-to-day operations of human resources, ensuring the efficient
delivery of salary payments and adjustments, the recruitment processes, employee
benefits administration, and the accuracy and maintenance of employee records and
Employee Handbook. For Impact Frontiers, new employee orientation and onboarding.
² Drafting and reviewing contracts for Impact Frontiers.
In addition to prior experience in impact investing and/or impact management, the ideal candidate will
be an exceptional writer and have experience communicating complex concepts in an accessible and
compelling way to practitioners in a variety of media (e.g., articles, case studies, infographics, websites,
animated shorts, etc.).

• 5 –10 years in roles of increasing leadership in impact management
• Ability to work highly independently and with collaborators from diverse backgrounds and
with diverse skill sets
• Client/partner relationship management skills
• Comfort working in an unstructured and rapidly changing environment
• Highly organized and strong attention to detail

• Exceptional ability to express complex analyses and concepts in writing and in PowerPoint
• Demonstrated interest and aptitude for impact investing, impact management, and social
• Applicants must be authorized to work in the United States

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