| May 16, 2024

Associate, IRIS and Impact Measurement & Management (IMM)

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  • Full Time
  • New York, NY
  • $48,000- $60,000 USD / Year

Website Global Impact Investing Network

About the Job

Impact investing is an exciting and rapidly growing industry powered by investors who are determined to generate positive social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. One of the central tenets of impact investing is the practice of impact measurement and management (IMM). Through this practice, investors define specific impact performance objectives for an investment portfolio and gather and use data about the social and environmental performance of the investments in order to maximize their positive impacts. Driving a sophisticated, high integrity, and practical practice of IMM among investors has been a core GIIN function since the organization’s founding in 2009. Our IMM work has included the development of IRIS+, a system for investors to use in measuring and optimizing impact performance, numerous guidance pieces, resources, thought leadership, and engagement with a myriad of industry stakeholder communities to influence the trajectory of discussions and practice in the broader financial industry.

We are now seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic Associate to contribute to the further development and success of the GIIN’s IMM offerings. The ideal candidate will be passionate about creating positive impact and excited to work in a dynamic, fast-paced market.


Program Administration

• Maintain and track team workplans, manage the IRIS+ inbox, own convening logistics, and other tasks to support program administration

• Package IRIS+ site analytics and user feedback to create insights to improve IRIS+ and support other GIIN teams in driving user engagement among their audiences

• Coordinate updates to the IRIS+ live site, including the launches of new IRIS+ Impact Themes and IRIS Catalog of Metrics updates with external vendor



Relationship Management

• Act as the first line for managing questions and feedback from current and potential IRIS+ users, helping them best use the system in an effort to drive more impactful investment decision-making

• Develop new processes for tracking impact investors and other IMM professionals’ engagement with the team and its outputs to support program development

• Lead on the IRIS+/IMM team’s relationship with the GIIN’s Marketing/Communications team



Content Creation

• Conduct desk research as needed to support content development for IRIS+ Impact Themes, guidance documents, investor use cases, and other deliverables

• Prepare and maintain IMM and IRIS+ collateral for use in funder pitches, external engagements, and internal presentations

• Work with the GIIN’s Marketing/Communications team to create social media and newsletter copy, slide decks and other materials to promote the IRIS+/IMM team’s offerings externally



Skills and Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree

• Strong attention to detail, extremely organized, with ability to meet deadlines, prioritize assignments and juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

• Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work both collaboratively and independently, with flexibility and adaptability.

• Strong critical and creative thinking skills; proactive communicator who identifies problems, communicates them, and takes initiative to solve them.

• Strong written and verbal skills, professionalism in managing important internal and external stakeholder relationships.

• Genuine curiosity and a strong learning orientation.

• Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite. Experience with, and aptitude for, technology solutions and databases, such as Salesforce, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana, Mailchimp.

• Personable, engaging presence with diplomacy, tact, and good humor.

• Commitment to equity and justice. Successful candidates will be aware that race, income, age, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender and gender expression, and other identities can play, and have historically played, a role in equity disparities, including within organizations. Successful candidates will be committed to continuous learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion and how to manifest these principles in the workplace.

• Aligned in thought and action with GIIN’s values: https://thegiin.org/values-and-guiding-principles




To apply for this job please visit jobs.thegiin.org.