| June 3, 2024

Learning and Development Manager – Impact Investing Jobs at CrossBoundary Group (Cape Town, South Africa)

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Website CrossBoundary Group

About the Firm

Founded in 2011, CrossBoundary is a mission-driven investment firm committed to unlocking the power of capital to make a substantial return while creating a lasting difference in frontier markets. We take a transaction-centered approach to frontier markets. CrossBoundary provides investment advisory services, having developed a specialized expertise in unleashing investment across all sectors in fragile and frontier markets. Our advisory clients include governments, development finance institutions, private equity firms, Fortune 100 companies, and research institutions. CrossBoundary additionally has three investment platforms dedicated to developing and managing assets in frontier markets. CrossBoundary Energy finances commercial and industrial solar power for African businesses, CrossBoundary Energy Access invests in solar mini-grids to bring first-time power to African communities, and CrossBoundary Educational Infrastructure finances student housing and campuses to meet the demand for education in Africa. Learn more at www.crossboundary.com.


Job Description

CrossBoundary Group is recruiting a fulltime Learning & Development Manager. You will lead all learning and development initiatives for the nearly 250 team members across the firm, including our biannual performance management process. Outside of performance management, your primary responsibility will be designing, implementing, and championing the CrossBoundary Curriculum. You will work closely with the firm’s senior leadership, including the Partners, Chief People Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Financial Officer. You will report to the Chief People Officer.

CrossBoundary is not a development firm and is not seeking typical development skills. We will look to you to lead, and deliver, a robust learning curriculum for all team members across the firm, that will encourage their professional growth while improving their ability to deliver excellent work.


Who We Are

CrossBoundary operates in frontier markets that also hold immense investment opportunities. The chosen candidate will play an important role within the firm with the opportunity to make a large impact on CrossBoundary’s growing operations. Team members come from diverse backgrounds, but share several qualities: curiosity, humility, integrity, a drive for excellence, and a bias for action.


Who You Are

  • Experienced in learning, talent, and performance management at globally operating organizations
  • Self-starter who is passionate about building tools and systems that will stand the test of time and work for everyone regardless of context or geography
  • Belief that learning never stops and is critical to one’s best work
  • Willingness to take on new types of work, even without prior experience or direct supervision
  • Able to juggle multiple workstreams at once, and ensure everything is delivered on time and to the highest standards
  • Eager to understand critical feedback as a means of improving one’s own work
  • Natural leader and people person who believes in the power of relationships
  • Willingness to work and live in a sometimes challenging environment


Primary Responsibilities

Lead the deployment of the newly established CrossBoundary Group Curriculum

  • Work directly with Group Partners and other members of Group leadership to revise existing CrossBoundary-created content to reflect best-in-class practices, emerging thinking, and senior leadership’s evolving perspectives
  • Oversee all reading discussions led by senior leaders across the firm, coordinating timing and sharing best practices across sessions
  • Direct all training delivered by external experts, both through in-person training sessions and online self-directed courses
  • Extract feedback on all content and trainings, and continuously adapt the Curriculum to reflect that feedback


Expand the CrossBoundary Curriculum to establish platform-specific CrossBoundary Curricula

  • Design the Curriculum for each of CrossBoundary Advisory, CrossBoundary Investment Management, and CrossBoundary Group
  • Work with platform leadership to determine the content needed for each platform’s own Curriculum, while ensuring all material complements the existing Group Curriculum
  • Direct the development of all platform-specific CrossBoundary-created content, partnering with members of platform leadership to capture CrossBoundary’s unique approach, method, or perspective
  • Assign and coordinate ownership among platform leadership of all content delivered by CrossBoundary team members
  • Identify, trial, and select third party providers for all training delivered by experts external to CrossBoundary
  • Communicate each platform’s Curriculum to all platform team members, in such a way that inspires engagement and excitement
  • Implement all platforms’ Curricula, incorporating all content into CrossBoundary’s learning management system and managing delivery of all live content


Lead the delivery of CrossBoundary’s biannual performance management process

  • Design and communicate the timeline for each twice-annual cycle, working in close partnership with the Chief People Officer to detail each step
  • Define the Career Management Council for each batch of team members, schedule all sessions, and provide prep materials for each ahead of time
  • Facilitate all Career Management Council discussions, ensuring consistent review by senior leadership within each batch of team members while balancing completeness with efficiency
  • Draft summary feedback for every CrossBoundary team member following each cycle’s completion, and ensure all feedback is shared
  • Serve as the point person for all information and access on Engagedly, CrossBoundary’s performance management system


Organize and execute biannual in-person CrossBoundary Analyst Trainings and CrossBoundary Leadership Trainings, combining established Group and platform-specific Curricula

  • Develop detailed agendas for each training, working closely with the Global Head of Administration to coordinate all logistics
  • Work directly with the Chief Financial Officer to ensure alignment with training budgets
  • Direct the delivery of all content, managing internal owners and facilitators as well as external trainers to optimize team members’ participation and engagement
  • Act as the point person for each training, communicating all information to attendees before and during the training


Direct and facilitate all Curriculum-based content planned for biannual in-person CrossBoundary Summits, CrossBoundary’s firm-wide offsite, in partnership with the Chief Operating Officer

Ensure all 200+ CrossBoundary team members’ progress against their CrossBoundary Curriculum requirements

  • Manage all team members’ Curriculum requirements on an ongoing basis through CrossBoundary’s learning management system
  • Assign all required content to new hires and newly promoted team members, and communicate directly with them to ensure they understand their responsibilities and are aware when they are off track
  • Work closely with the Chief People Officer to ensure all team members eligible for promotion complete their learning requirements on time

Identify and implement new learning tools that expand team members’ skills and respond to teams’ requests for additional training



The ideal candidate will have the following skills and qualifications:

  • Excellent project management skills; ability to juggle and deliver complex projects across contexts and geographies
  • Excellent people skills; ability to compel and excite team members to prioritize their learning and development beyond their day-to-day work
  • Strong communication skills; ability to communicate and connect with the most senior and junior team members across the firm to deliver on one’s objectives
  • Ability to think creatively to develop solutions and tools that work for team members with varied experience spread across continents
  • Entrepreneurial mindset to creatively and independently solve new problems with no established paths or proven solutions


Required skills and qualifications:

  • At least 5 years of work experience in learning, talent, and performance management at high impact organizations
  • Experience at globally operating organizations with 150+ team members
  • Prior experience in developing countries (preferred)




To apply for this job please visit crossboundary.applytojob.com.