| May 16, 2024

Executive Coordinator, Funder Collaborations Secretariat

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  • Full Time
  • United States
  • $110,000 - $115,000 USD / Year

Website ClimateWorks Foundation

About the Organization

ClimateWorks Foundation is a global organization committed to our mission: to end the climate crisis by amplifying the power of philanthropy. Since our founding in 2008, we have awarded over $1.8 billion in grants to more than 850 organizations working to advance climate solutions around the world. We helped grow the field of climate philanthropy to where it stands today, establishing infrastructure, global networks, and momentum for continued growth. Through our Global Programs and Services, we equip philanthropy with global knowledge, networks, and solutions to drive climate progress.

·       Scaling solutions: Our collaborative Global Programs — focused on solution areas including carbon dioxide removal, cooling, industry, transportation, and more — produce results that are bending the greenhouse gas emissions curve. From the U.S. to Europe, China, Brazil, and beyond, we collaborate with a diverse community of funders, NGOs, and climate leaders to accelerate just and equitable climate solutions.


·       Guiding and supporting funders: Our Global Services provide funders with comprehensive resources to assess, build, evolve, and execute high-impact climate-giving strategies. Our Global Intelligence service equips funders and the climate community with climate insights to pinpoint opportunities for impact and philanthropic insights to help identify investment priorities. We facilitate Global Collaborations that enable funders to increase individual and collective impact. Our Global Grantmaking services enable funders to invest in climate solutions around the world.


·       Fostering collaboration, exploration, and growth: Our collaborative approach and commitment to learning ensures that we continuously explore innovative ideas and emerging opportunities — all with the aim of scaling philanthropy-supported initiatives to help end the climate crisis.

As experts in climate science, public policy, economic and social analysis, and strategic philanthropy, ClimateWorks’ staff understands the multi-faceted challenges and opportunities of climate change. We are researchers, strategists, collaborators, and grantmakers who care passionately about our mission. For more information, please visit www.climateworks.org.


Department Summary — Funder Collaborations

Built to serve results-driven philanthropy, ClimateWorks leads collaborations that enable funders to strategize, learn, and execute new and existing climate initiatives. Our suite of best-in-class collaborations empower the largest global climate funders to increase individual and collective impact. We facilitate a wide range of international collaborations designed to build high-trust relationships, create strategic alignment, and facilitate coordinated actions across the climate philanthropy ecosystem, including funders, grantees, and other climate leaders. The Funder Collaborations Department works closely as a team to strategically support high-caliber global collaborations, convenings, and special projects including funder forums, learning networks, and joint action groups. We work in a fast-paced environment, serving as the secretariat for our flagship climate philanthropy collaboration and hosting two international hybrid convenings a year as key community moments. Through all of our efforts, we embody our JEDI principles and work to engage more diverse voices and perspectives.

We like to say “collaboration is in our DNA”. It is core to how we operate internally and what we do externally.



Job Summary

The Executive Coordinator, Funder Collaborations Secretariat operates as an executive board secretary for the department’s keystone funder collaboration Secretariat, providing impeccable administrative management, coordination and execution on a very busy annual calendar of calls, meetings, events, products, and services for collaboration leaders and for its members. This role plays a central project management role in secretariat functions and exemplifies many administrative metaphors: it juggles many balls, keeps the trains running on time, and deftly corrals a passionate group of funders with high expectations for reliability, quality, and confidentiality.

This is the perfect role for someone who delights in putting together detailed plans and timelines many months in advance; who enjoys clearly defining tasks and communicating with people early and often to advance projects to successful completion; who is tireless at managing and tracking multiple projects and gently nudging others to meet their commitments; who can quickly troubleshoot concerns and discern what can be resolved at their level, and what needs to be escalated; and, finally, who can be flexible when their carefully constructed plans collide with the reality that stakeholder situations change and people have shifting priorities in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

The Executive Coordinator (EC) is comfortable and effective managing up with VIPs and representing the department externally, and also doesn’t hesitate to lend a hand to support their internal colleagues in the run up to and management of the highly complex, multi-day convenings the department is known for. The EC takes pride in helping others to thrive and shine, and doesn’t seek to be in the limelight nor to do the programmatic work themselves.

This role will report to and work closely with the Senior Director, Funder Collaborations.



Essential Tasks

●  Develop and execute an annual calendar for Secretariat governance activities, as well as  communications to and products for collaboration members

●  Working with the Executive Assistant, manage the scheduling of calls, committee meetings, planning meetings, and events (many of which occur in carefully sequenced and orchestrated series, and across global time zones) well in advance to ensure robust participation

●  Coordinate and support the execution of committee calls and meetings by developing (in consultation the Senior Director and other leaders) agendas, background documents, and materials for calls, videoconferences, webinars, and in-person meetings; ensuring the compilation and distribution of follow-up notes and materials, and the assignment of next steps and follow-through to next meeting; and by creating and using templates and tools to improve efficiency and consistency

●  Respond to changing calendars and stakeholder requests to reschedule appointments in a timely manner and with grace

●  Plan, lead, execute and monitor numerous interrelated and overlapping projects, workstreams, and deliverables, using project management and team collaboration platforms and software to meet deadlines, goals, and budgets, and to keep team members and stakeholders informed

●  Provide individualized high-touch customer service to internal and external VIPs to support their effective engagement with collaboration meetings, services and joint projects; coordinate closely with them and with internal team members to deliver on tight timelines while maintaining strong, professional relationships

●  Communicate with funders and stakeholders on the Senior Director’s behalf verbally and in writing

●  Optimize, codify and support user adoption of policies and procedures for engaging with VIPs and partners

●  Work with team members to produce and send high-quality information and communications to members and partners, both individually-tailored business communications as well as communications to membership groups around events, products and services

●  Organize and maintain Secretariat information management resources and systems for collaboration governance groups and membership

●  Plan, manage and/or coordinate collaboration activities across the year, partnering with team members (e.g. onboarding new members; supporting and tracking members’ use of products and services; conducting elections; partnering with CWF Philanthropic Partnerships team to renew annual membership contributions, coordinating global meeting dates with partner organizations)

●  Produce and disseminate first-rate information products to collaboration members, including shared and evolving online directories, calendars, and reports (including an annual report)

●  Skillfully manage up with the Senior Director, ClimateWorks executives, and external VIPs

●  Provide support in the run-up to and during multiday, multi-faceted international convenings, and assist team members with other department projects, as needed

●  Oversee various contractors and temporary staff, and mentor department staff, to deliver high-quality, timely, administrative services

●  Work collaboratively with other ClimateWorks teams to create and manage cross-team information services platforms, infrastructure, or other cross team work as appropriate.



Required Qualifications
Must have

●  At least 7+ years of senior administrative work experience, including managing projects involving multiple team members and external stakeholders.

●  Strong business communication skills, verbally and in writing. Ability to write correspondence. Outstanding grammar and proofreading skills. Ability to effectively present information and respond to high-level inquiries from partners and executives.

●  Demonstrated history of solution-oriented project management. Experience developing project plans and timelines, defining roles and dependencies, and personally executing and/or managing  teams to implement plans in evolving environments, including deft and complex scheduling to keep project work on track.

●  Excellent customer service skills guided by exceptional judgment, discretion in handling sensitive matters with tact and poise, and ability to work well with VIPs and colleagues from other cultures.

●  Excellent judgment in setting and following decision-making hierarchies and approval processes and protocols, recommending improvements in processes, and adapting to meet goals or to find solutions with team members.

●  Experience creating and managing processes produce high quality materials and products.

●  Experience creating the plans and logistics for effective group calls and meetings.

●  Experience mentoring and/or overseeing team members in shared processes or project work.

●  Ability to take initiative, act independently, and direct one’s own work.

●  Assiduous attention to detail and protocol, strong organizational skills, and a passion for creating seamless project plans, and seeing them through to completion.

●   Technically-savvy, experience adopting and using technology platforms, and a quick learner with new programs and platforms.

●  Ability to travel in the US and internationally, typically about 20 days a year

●  Ability to work effectively and efficiently (both virtually and in-person) with minimal supervision.

●  A commitment to a diverse, inclusive, and equitable work environment.

●  Commitment to the mission of ClimateWorks Foundation.


Nice to have

●  BA or BS degree or equivalent

●  Experience in a board secretary or similar role

●  Experience with CRM systems, Salesforce a plus

Experience with project management software, Asana a plus
●  A sense of humor and levity amidst pressing deadlines and high-impact outcomes




To apply for this job please visit apply.workable.com.