| May 30, 2024

Lead in Curriculum and Training – Educational Impact Jobs at Ashvattha Learning Communities

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Website Ashvattha Learning Communities

Who are we looking for: 

  • Suitable for 3-10 years of experience in education; at least 2 year commitment
  • Experience of teacher development (training/coaching/facilitation) required
  • Believes in the power of technology
  • Self-directed, responsible and eager to learn
  • Loves a challenge, good at problem solving; likes to experiment
  • Friendly with numbers and excel; commits to meaningful targets
  • Thinks in a structured manner; can zoom in and zoom out with ease
  • Empathetic towards team and stakeholders; appreciates diversity
  • Strong research (primary/secondary) and documentation skills
  • Masters degree in education or psychology is strongly preferred
  • School teaching experience will be given a priority

What you’ll be expected to do:

  1. Organisational capacity: We are exploring scaling and cross-subsidisation models
  • Situate the program in theory – select frameworks and research that best suit our mission; collate evidence for program and curricula design
  • Team capacity building – create robust mechanisms for upskilling the team on instructional coaching and training design
  • Technology products – support with research and documentation for designing tech enabled teacher development products
  • Other programs – support with program and curriculum design as required for teacher development programs in schools
  1. Neenv Teacher Fellowship: In the second cycle of the fellowship, we are improving the quality of our inputs and preparing for scale
  • Teacher curriculum revision – lead curriculum creation for in-person and online workshops based on Ashavttha’s teacher competency framework
  • Contextualization – support the field team in contextualising available resources for rural schools in Rajasthan and making them usable
  • Monitoring & Evaluation – create a lean M&E framework and institutionalise implementation processes
  • Cultural practices – co-create fellowship cultural practices and communications
  1. Teacher Learning Centers: This year, we will expand our TLC network, and strengthen curriculum and teacher development processes
  • Classroom curriculum curation – lead collation and curation of primary grade curricula for creative coding, library, english and maths
  • Teacher curriculum creation – assess teacher competency levels and create training curriculum
  • Training processes – institutionalise teacher training and support mechanisms
  • Monitoring & Evaluation – create a lean M&E framework and institutionalise implementation processes


To apply for this job please visit www.idealist.org.