Agents of Impact | October 25, 2019

How the best-dressed Agents of Impact at SOCAP wear their values

Maura Dilley
ImpactAlpha Editor

Maura Dilley

San Francisco, CA – Some impact investors and entrepreneurs wear their ethics, beliefs and traditions on their sleeves – literally.

Photographer Arno Hesse and I zeroed in on SOCAP’s dapper dons and divas and asked, “What values are you wearing?”

Have a look at 15 of this year’s best dressed at SOCAP:

“My favorite part of me is being a married gay dad, and I choose to celebrate that every way I can.” – Jamie McGonnigal, SOCAP

“Love, peace, community, creativity, equity, access, beauty and blackness.” – VaShone Huff, SOCAP, Spectrum and Intentional Media

“Self-love, re-use, dignity, equity and justice.” – Jocelyn Macdougall, independent convener

“Excellence, power and liberation.” – Pierre Joseph, Solidago Foundation

“I am wearing my favorite Pashmina wrap to keep me warm from the chilly winds of racial inequity, wealth disparity, and gender bias.” – Dawn Deck, South Carolina Community Loan Fund

“Whether through style, brand or mission: don’t be everything to everyone, be something to someone.” – Sunwoo Hwang, SixUp

“I’m wearing #shoplocal, #madeinbaltimore, and #sfmade. Local economies are beautiful!” – Michelle Geiss, Impact Hub Baltimore

“Scandinavian-Black! Sustainable Design!” – Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, 17AssetManagement

“The creativity of my ancestors (jewelry) and red boots in respect to the ranchers who raised me!” – Elsa Johnson, IINA Solutions

“Innovation, boldness, courage, commitment, openness.” – Vava Angwenyi, Vava Coffee and Gente Del Futuro

“Cultural expression, authenticity, gender nonconformity, divine feminine realness.” – Laurika Harris-Kaye, Candide Group

“I am Navajo and lead the only Native SuperPAC, I wear my traditions and culture.” – Mellor Willie, 7Gen Leaders PAC

“Native American organizations like the IAC, NARF, and Oweesta have the solutions for Indian Country. Our values transcend our apparel. Let’s talk about them.” – Zach Ducheneaux, Intertribal Agriculture Council

“I wear my Indigenous brown woman self fully. I am warrior’d up to do the work I do.” – Vanessa Roanhorse, Roanhorse Consulting and Native Women Lead

“Impeccability of spirit and ethics manifest as shared beauty to create shared prosperity love joy and abundance for all.” – Gregory Wendt, Stakeholders Capital