Beats | November 25, 2015

Filling in the Social Enterprise Map: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana

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Social enterprise is flourishing throughout the Commonwealth. To document the entrepreneurs and investors who are fueling this growth, the British Council has commissioned a set of social enterprise landscape maps of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana

The Council’s Global Social Enterprise Programme has tapped Ennovent and ANDE to map the size and scale of the social enterprise sector in India. The aim is improvement of the social enterprise ecosystem, by providing stakeholders a picture of the existing scenario and identifying ares in need of intervention. You can contribute to the India survey here.

Together, the surveys will serve as a baseline for future growth. A comprehensive database of all ecosystem actors will be made publicly available. ImpactAlpha is supporting more such mapping initiatives across the world through our open ImpactSpace database. If you are mapping entrepreneurs, investors, sectors or geographies, drop a line to [email protected].