Two steps forward, one step back on maternal health

Back in 1990, for every 100,000 live births worldwide, 385 mothers died from complications of childbirth. By 2015, that number fell to 216 maternal deaths for every 100,000 live births. Though impressive, the 44 percent reduction fell short of the Millennium Development Goal of 75 percent. The global goal for 2030? To reduce maternal mortality

Baby boxes nudge new parents toward best childcare practices

Women Rising New mothers in New Jersey will get a box full of diapers, onesies, baby wipes, breast pads, and nipple cream for breast feeding, in exchange for completing childcare training. Baby boxes were popularized in Finland, where infant mortality rates are among the world’s lowest. They are now distributed in parts of the U.K.,

Femtech funding tops $1 billion as women’s health takes center stage

Women Rising Startups targeting women’s healthcare have raised $1.1 billion in venture financing since 2014, CB Insights reports. Prelude, a fertility solutions startup, has raised $200 million and Progyny, backed by Kleiner Perkins, has raised $49 million for its egg-freezing and fertility services. Reproductive therapeutics company ObsEva, based in Geneva, filed for an IPO. The global femtech

New Pinkubator will accelerate women-focused start-ups

Women Rising Cindy Whitehead made waves and faced challenges in marketing the Pink Pill, a female sex-drive drug, as founder and CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals. Her new company, the Pink Ceiling, is launching the Pinkubator to mentor and seed women-focused start-ups in a male-dominated venture capital world. The Pinkubator has already registered seven companies at

Growth of private equity in Africa boosts mid-size companies

Women Rising Roughly 200 private equity firms manage $30 billion in assets in Africa, up from next to none 20 years ago. Half of that capital was raised and invested in the past five years. Compared to PE in the US and Europe, however, where large deals and creative financial modeling and engineering dominates, the

After the Women’s March: Make the Most of Where You Shop, Save and Invest

We marched. We came together in cities across the globe to protest the inauguration of a president who does not embody the values we espouse. So many of us marched, it was the largest recorded protest in U.S. history. There were so many thoughtful messages and humorous signs, and many different issues to embrace and hold

Give me your tired, your poor, your…women

Women Rising Women make up just under half of global emigrants, but may have a larger social and economic impact than men. Women remit more of their income home, and model improved gender dynamics in their home countries. Overcoming higher barriers to emigration than men may also be a marker of their potential, which suggests