Give me your tired, your poor, your…women

Women make up just under half of global emigrants, but may have a larger social and economic impact than men. Women remit more of their income home, and model improved gender dynamics in their home countries. Overcoming higher barriers to emigration than men may also be a marker of their potential, which suggests “host” countries

A Male VC’s Perspective on Gender Lens Investing: Not Just Another Pretty Face

Mark Danchak and Anna Kanner co-founded Carbon6 Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm in Westport, Conn., in 2013. We visited Danchak at Macchiato, an upscale espresso bar in mid-town Manhattan, to get one man’s view of gender-lens investing. “Honestly, I just think of it as investing,” he says. Danchak doesn’t specifically pursue investments through a gender

Which Comes First, System-Change or Financial Returns from Gender Lens Investing?

Something’s gotta give. By 2025, two-thirds of private wealth will be in female hands. Yet, today, only 10 percent of venture capital financing goes to women.  What gives, or rather, who? I’ve been all over this week’s SOCAP conference rounding up views on gender lens investing. On the second morning of the conference, Criterion Institute’s Joy Anderson highlighted

Guaranteed Impact: How the Gates Foundation Cut Prices and Boosted Access to Contraceptives

Melinda Gates was in London four years ago to help launch a global campaign. The audacious 2020 goal: to reach more than half of the estimated 225 million women worldwide who want to avoid pregnancy, yet are not using modern contraceptives. “We must continue to help our partners provide affordable contraceptives at the necessary scale

The United State of Women: “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds”

Long treated as a “special interest,” women are increasingly recognized as the major driver of progress that benefits everyone. That’s my takeaway from last month’s White House Summit on the United State of Women, where the refrain from men as well as women, and across government, corporate and philanthropic sectors, was, “When women succeed, America

Marty Cordes: The Power of Investing in Women

It’s early on a Tuesday morning in rural Kenya, and Rose is helping her son and two daughters get ready for school. Soon she will join eight other women in her village to spend her day weaving intricate baskets committed for sale to a buyer in the U.S. and financed through a small microloan. She’ll

DoctHers: Pakistan’s ‘Doctor Brides’ Inspire Confidence — and Better Health — for Women

Women make up the majority of students pursuing medical careers in Pakistan. For years, a government-imposed quota mandated that 80 percent of the seats at medical schools go to men, 20 percent to women. In 1991, the Supreme Court ruled the quota unconstitutional. Now, more than 80 percent of Pakistan’s medical students are women, compared to