Pro Mujer to expand services for low-income women with Working Capital for Community Needs

Women Rising Pro Mujer will expand services for low-income women with Working Capital for Community Needs. Working Capital for Community Needs, a Latin America-focused impact investor, is helping Pro Mujer expand its supportive resources like financial products, healthcare and education to poor women across Latin America. Pro Mujer, based in New York, has lent $3 billion

Asian social stock exchange founder Durreen Shahnaz seeks Trump’s support for impact investing

Women Rising Asian social stock exchange founder Durreen Shahnaz is seeking Trump’s support for impact investing. “I may have been born in Bangladesh, but I was nurtured to be a banker, media executive and entrepreneur in the US,” Shahnaz wrote in an open letter to President Trump. Shahnaz is the founder of IIX, based in

Jean Case previews map of emerging impact data ecosystem

Women Rising Jean Case is bullish on impact investing. Writing in Stanford Social Innovation Review, the former AOL executive and head of the Case Foundation credits the growing influence of young people and women, the entrance of big institutions and an increasingly robust data ecosystem. On that last point, Case touts the Impact Investing Network

AXA readies public equities fund to tap gender-diversity “dividend”

Women Rising We reported in Feb. 21 on the global growth market in women’s equality. Now comes AXA Investment Managers with the AXA World Funds Mix IN Perspectives fund, which will invest in companies committed to gender diversity at all levels. As of last June, 15 public-market equity and debt solutions explicitly deployed a gender lens,

South Korean women will live longer in 2030. American men, not so much

Women Rising Improvements in maternal and child health, as well as adult health, will drive increases in life expectancy in industrialized nations by 2030. A study on future life expectancy in 35 countries, published Tuesday in the Lancet, found a greater than 50 percent chance the life expectancy of South Korea women at birth will be

The growth market in women’s equality

The more than $560 million invested with a “gender lens” in public equities and debt, up five-fold since 2014, seems like a lot of money until you measure it against the opportunity: $28 trillion. Click for more from 2030 Finance That’s the potential addition to global GDP by 2025 if women participated equally in the global

Pacific RISE: Three gender-lens investing truths we learned developing an impact strategy in the Pacific

Impact investing in the Pacific is hard enough. If we have to consider gender as well, we have often heard, it will be nearly impossible. The development of Pacific RISE, an initiative of Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) seeks to expand impact investing in more than a dozen Pacific Island countries, is