Gary Community Investments leads affordable-housing initiative in Colorado

More than 250 community land trusts in the U.S. help low- and low-middle income families buy homes through use of a land-lease, in which the house is sold but the trust retains ownership of the land beneath it. Gary Community Investments, a venture philanthropy firm, joined Colorado Health Foundation, Northern Trust, and the Denver Foundation to

One Planet, coal’s last gasps, Rise Fund in Latin America, value of measurement, green…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Double Feature: ImpactAlpha Originals We’ll always have Paris, but is that enough to avert climate catastrophe?Global capital continued its lumbering rotation toward climate action at the One Planet summit. This week’s summit, perhaps the most ambitious effort yet to mobilize private capital for climate action, closed with an array of finance-related announcements,

We’ll always have Paris, but is that enough to avert climate catastrophe?

Climate Finance At One Planet summit, the mobilization of global capital for climate action is no match for the urgency of the challenge Glaciar Perito Moreno, El Calafate, Argentina l Photo credit: Agustin Lautaro By Eric J. Lyman. PARIS — Global capital continued its lumbering rotation toward climate action at the One Planet summit, but without anything like the

Last Gasps: Coal is taking its lumps but isn’t dead yet

By Eric J. Lyman PARIS — The announcements and pronouncements at French President Emmanuel Macron’s One Planet summit may leave the impression that coal is dead. But it’s too early to count the King out just yet. At Tuesday’s main event, French insurance giant AXA announced it would continue its march away from coal-related investments, resulting in 2.4 billion

Africa GreenTec commissions village solar system in Niger

The German startup is installing a solar-based power system in Amaloul Nomade, an off-grid village on a route used by 90% of African refugees. Less than 15% of Niger’s population has access to electricity, compared to 37% for sub-Saharan Africa as a whole. Africa GreenTec’s Torsten Schreiber says electricity access is key to “comfort, access

Greenlight Planet closes $60 million for off-grid solar expansion

The company is one of the largest pay-as-you-go solar providers, selling its Sun King line of solar products to five million off-grid households in 62 countries. U.K.-based private equity firm Apis Partners led the debt-and-equity funding as an equity partner with Eight Roads Ventures and Bamboo Capital. The debt portion includes commitments from Deutsche Bank, Global

Keeping track of artificial intelligence

Even experts can’t agree on what the future of artificial intelligence holds. Will it liberate or destroy us? In an effort to ground this speculative discussion in real data, Stanford University’s One Hundred Year Study on Artificial Intelligence has developed an AI Index to track, distill and visualize what is known about AI. Among the indicators: