Indian startups get seed funding from Startup Oasis

The Jaipur, India-based startup fund is investing 26 million rupees ($408,000) in four ventures: Contree, a network for volunteer activities based in Jaipur; Urdhvam, a water management consultancy based in Pune; Medcords, a Kota company that digitizes health records; and Free Spirits Green Labs, a Delhi-based venture that sells solar products. The investments were made

Tokyo looks for long-term impact…through the Olympics

Host cities often find that putting on the Olympics has more costs than benefits. Tokyo, host of the 2020 Summer games, sees a different kind of opportunity in the Olympics. The city is putting the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals at the center of its planning, and it wants to be a model for future Olympic cities.

New economics of menstrual pads, let the #dealflow roll, flood-risk indicators, people-centered…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original By women, for women: The new economics of menstrual pads in Africa.Maria Nantubwe cuts through layers of banana plant fiber and beats two-foot long pieces with an improvised bat. Pulp flies everywhere, exposing long fibers inside the stem. Once dried, the material will become the absorbent center of sanitary-pads

Local impact investing: Progress, shifts and focus

Voices of leading community investing practitioners are on display in several articles featured in January’s “Community Impact Investing” issue of GreenMoney Journal, a sustainable-finance publication from Cliff Feigenbaum. For a movement that now spans the globe, the challenge for many is making it work at home. Betsy Biemann and Keith Bisson of Coastal Enterprises, Inc. chart

Jana wants to add ‘impact’ to activist hedge fund

The $8.5 billion hedge fund is looking to raise billions of dollars to target companies that are doing well and could also be doing good, reports The Wall Street Journal. To make the point, Jana is working with the giant California State Teachers’ Retirement System to pressure Apple to take action on “iPhone addiction” among the young.

Alphabet spinoff raises $20.8 million to improve healthcare access

Cityblock, formerly part of Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, plans to partner with community health organizations to deliver primary care, behavioral health and social services to Medicaid and low-income Medicare recipients. Cityblock will open local clinics, called Neighborhood Health Hubs, where caregivers, Cityblock members and community organizations will work together to address health challenges at the local level.

Harnessing tourism for the Global Goals

Tourism accounts for 10% of the world’s GDP and jobs. The industry’s continued existence depends on safeguarding the world’s natural and cultural assets, which are threatened by the swelling ranks of world travelers. The number of jetsetters, currently at 1.2 billion, is expected to grow by 56% to 1.8 billion by 2030. To address potential threats from