Own Your Impact edition: Steve Case’s impact argument, gender lens culture shift, beyond…

Good Friday evening, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: The Brief’s Big Eight: Own Your Impact Edition 1. SteveCase walks back his comments to The New York Times — onImpactAlpha. “I wanted to set the record straight: I absolutely believe that impact investing can produce the same sort of market returns that other types of investing can achieve,” Case writes in

John Legend helps launch startups for and by former inmates

Unlocked Futures, a 16-month accelerator started by singer John Legend and the philanthropic fund New Profit, supports entrepreneurs who are former inmates or are helping others transition back into society. “Entrepreneurship is important because we may not get jobs. We’re hiring ourselves. It’s out of necessity,” says entrepreneur Teresa Hodge, part of Unlocked Futures’ inaugural class.

Jewish-lens investors ask, “Why impact?”

As interest in impact investing grows, faith-based communities are recognizing its power to advance their values. JLens Investor Network hosted its first summit at Fordham University in New York this week, bringing together rabbis, investors, philanthropists and other institutional leaders. “It’s not new,” said Rebecca Trobe, an impact-investing consultant. “It’s a reorientation to something old and

How Rise of the Rest will have impact — and why it’s not an impact fund

In my book, “The Third Wave,” I discuss the rise of impact investing. It “provides the best of both worlds,” I wrote. “You can generate a financial return while enabling a societal benefit — driving both profit and purpose.” Advocating for impact investing is a core part of the Case Foundation’s mission, an organization I chair. Indeed,

Own your gender lens, unlocked futures, Greenlight Planet’s $60 million raise, Jewish-lens…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Impact Voices Why some venture capitalists talk about gender (and others don’t).“There’s a strong chance the next Bill Gates isn’t going to look anything like the last one,” Melinda Gates wrote recently, taking to task venture capitalists who don’t put diversity at the top of their agenda. “I’m interested in finding solutions

Why some venture capitalists talk about gender (and others don’t)

“There’s a strong chance the next Bill Gates isn’t going to look anything like the last one,” wrote Melinda Gates in a recent post taking venture capitalists to task for not putting diversity at the top of their agenda. “So I’m interested in finding solutions that will help ensure we recognize her when we see her.”

Zoma Capital invests in workforce development startup PAIRIN

The Denver-based software company has developed a method for assessing job candidates’ “soft skills” and offers online mini-lessons to help candidates improve their critical thinking, decision making and social-emotional skills. Zoma, the Colorado-focused social investment arm of one of the billionaire Walton family offices, made an undisclosed investment in PAIRIN. A recent survey indicates that employers