Steve Case attracts a Who’s Who of business to his Rise of the Rest fund

Pick a hot name in business and they’re likely to be an investor in AOL founder Steve Case’s new seed fund for entrepreneurs in middle America. Jeff Bezos(Amazon) — check. Eric Schmidt (Alphabet/Google) — check. Howard Schultz(Starbucks) — check. (Missing: Bill Gates, for now.) There are also Waltons, Kochs and Pritzkers, the founders of KKR and Carlyle Group and fashion designer Tori

India’s one-line revolution, big-name backers for Rise of the Rest, fintech in LATAM and MENA…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original The one-line revolution in land rights in rural India. Suchitra Dey and her husband, a truck driver, had struggled for years to earn a living, taking odd jobs and selling vegetables. Seven years ago, Dey and her family finally got a small plot of their own, in the West

Finding Einsteins: Reducing inequality could quadruple innovation rates

The latest research from Raj Chetty and the Equality of Opportunity Project has found disturbing disparities in innovation rates by family income level, race, and gender that have little to do with ability. The researchers were able to study the lives of more than a million U.S. patent holders by linking patent and tax records with

In the Middle East and North Africa, the 2030 global goals are a $600 billion opportunity

Businesses focusing on resilient cities, sustainable agriculture and new energy could propel more than $637 billion in new business activity and 12.4 million jobs in the region by 2030. A new report from the Business & Sustainable Development Commission, the same group that identified $12 trillion in economic potential related to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals,

Upswing raises $1.5 million to reduce isolation of online students

Students pursuing online degrees are often older or part-time students trying to balance advanced education with other life responsibilities. They are less likely than traditional four-year college students to complete their studies and “are more likely to experience isolation that impedes their success,” says Marissa Lowman, head of education practice at Village Capital. Upswing is an

Shortlist acquires Spire to boost talent development in East Africa

About half of new graduates from Kenyan universities are not prepared for the workforce, according to a 2014 study, while fast-growing Kenyan startups struggle to find adequate talent. Shortlist, a recruitment platform for small and growing firms in India and Africa, has acquired Nairobi-based Spire Education, which builds employee training programs for East African employers. The

Investors commit $7 million more to Asia’s sustainable fisheries

The Meloy Fund, which is investing in coastal and fishing communities in Indonesia and the Philippines, has closed a $7 million capital investment from the Global Environment Facility and family office Ceniarth, after raising $10 million in August. The fundraising also includes a USAID guarantee for the fund’s investors. The Meloy Fund is managed by conservation