Four ways to get the private sector to start paying attention to the Global Goals

Impact Voices is an occasional series sharing the opinions of impact investing practitioners and leaders with ImpactAlpha readers. The views expressed in Impact Voices are the writers’ own, not ImpactAlpha’s. By Justice Durland, Convergence They need to look like ducks, swim like ducks, and quack like ducks. If investments in the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development

Underestimated entrepreneurs, Tyson’s alt-meat play, Cape Town water, Dutch impact management

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: The New Revivalists The VC taking cold calls from underestimated entrepreneurs. Arlan Hamilton created Backstage Capital in 2015 to address the implicit — or is it systemic? — bias that prevails in the venture capital industry. Less than one in 10 venture capital deals go to women, people of color, and LGBT founders. But where

Dutch pension fund moves from impact alignment to impact management

How do you turn a supertanker? By degrees. Institutional investors that last year declared their “alignment” with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and other impact frameworks are now confronting the hard work of actually managing their investments toward those goals. PGGM, the Dutch pension fund manager with $272 billion under management, took the plunge and mapped its

Addenda Capital launches Canadian fixed-income impact fund

The Montreal-based investment firm is building an impact fund made up of public debt, commercial mortgages and other types of loans in the areas of community development, climate change, health and education. Addenda says it’s the first domestically-focused fixed-income impact fund. The fund is being built to capitalize on the rapid growth of Canadian impact

ERC Eye Care secures $1 million for affordable care

ERC offers affordable eye care to low-income patients in Northeast India through hospitals in Assam. India faces a shortage of eyecare specialists, making access to care difficult, particularly for rural and low-income patients. ERC has two clinics in Assam where patients can see specialists and get glasses for less than $1 and cataract surgery for less

WISErg raises $19.2 million for food waste technology

The Seattle-area company collects unconsumed food from grocery store chains and converts it to organic, water soluble fertilizer at a nearby facility. The fertilizer is sold at Whole Foods and other retailers. “There is so much food waste that is an untapped resource at this time,” WISErg’s CEO Brian Valentine said. “The more people that

The Brief’s Big Ten: American entrepreneurship, private capital for global development, farmer…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! Larry Fink’s letter to CEOs was the talk of Davos. But the stunted nature of the conversation shows how far we still are from consensus that every company must “show how it makes a positive contribution to society,” as Fink declared. The reactions fell into three categories, according to Business Insider: “Larry’s