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The Why of Impact Investing, Millennials and the Last Word at #SOCAP16

Jed Emerson has been studying his history, as evidenced by the arc he traced from Dutch East Indies Company in 1604 and the 1848 Oneida commune in upstate New York, through the German dissident Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Marshall Plan, to our present moment and “out into the future for more centuries to come.” And Jed,

FOMO in Impact Investing, Across the Gender Divide, Beyond Mush: Day Three at #SOCAP16

Highlights and tidbits from the Social Capital Markets conference in San Francisco: Leveraging FOMO to drive institutional change. It seems big banks and venture capitalists may be as susceptible as teenagers to the Fear of Missing Out. James Rantanen of Deutsche Bank had been working since 2008 to build a platform for the bank’s wealth

Investing in the Value of Eliminating Food Waste

More than $200 million is lost to food waste every year. Spoiled, unwanted, imperfect food that businesses pay to grow, package, transport, refrigerate and throw-away uneaten. American agriculturalists are shifting from paying to manage waste to saving money eliminating waste such as developing “co-products” and circular products from material that was once fodder landfill. How

#ESGOptOut: An Idea Whose Time has Come, and More from Day Two of #SOCAP16

What if…. the institutions that hold the vast bulk of the world’s investment assets, were to splice environmental, social and governance considerations into every phase of their investment process? That would change not only the products they produce, but our financial system itself, said Matthew Weatherley-White, a founder of Caprock Group. That proposition still meets

Burn Your Dollar: Taking Impact Investing to Burning Man and Bringing the Playa to SOCAP

We recently returned from a week in the desert at this year’s Burning Man festival. It was a profound journey, something we will remember for the rest of our lives. Burning Man is a unique and fascinating place. The breadth and scale of it is quite extraordinary, something that can only be experienced to comprehend. We

Two Years After White House Commitments: $1 Billion Deployed for Impact by US Investors

I got the call from the White House, in May 2014. “We’re going to have some major new commitments of impact investment capital at the meeting in June. Would you be interested in helping us track how the money is spent?” What do you say to a call like that when you run an impact