Guaranteed Impact: How the Gates Foundation Cut Prices and Boosted Access to Contraceptives

Melinda Gates was in London four years ago to help launch a global campaign. The audacious 2020 goal: to reach more than half of the estimated 225 million women worldwide who want to avoid pregnancy, yet are not using modern contraceptives. “We must continue to help our partners provide affordable contraceptives at the necessary scale

#Shifts August: New Theses, Markets and Signals Guiding Impact Investors

Welcome to #Shifts, ImpactAlpha’s monthly roundup of the ideas and trends driving impact investing. In this edition: New funds are targeting access to water and sustainable supply chains; India’s large, fragmented tailor industry and the U.S.’s insufficiently diverse supply chains are attracting investor capital; and why financial inclusion and well-being are inextricably linked. #Shifts happen. THESES:

Leapfrog Attracts Top Talent to Emerging Markets Impact Investing

‘Follow the money’ is a good guide for tracking current trends in investing, but for hints about what may be coming next, ‘Follow the people.’ So it’s worth noting that the chief investment officer for one of Australia’s biggest pension fund is leaving his perch managing $71 billion in assets to join Leapfrog Investments, which earlier

Banking on the Poor: Using the Off-Grid Solar Revolution to Unlock Low-Income Credit in Africa

The convergence of low-cost solar technology, nearly ubiquitous mobile phones, and increasingly robust systems for mobile payments has unleashed a wave of entrepreneurship and investment across Africa and Asia. Off-grid solar electric systems are leapfrogging decrepit utility grids in much the same way as mobile phones leapfrogged landlines. And solar power is just the start

ImPact Primer: How to Get Started with Private Equity Impact Investing

The ImPact, a new investor network aiming to normalize impact investing among the world’s wealthiest families, concluded its series of asset class primers with the fifth primer: Private Equity and Impact Investing. Here are a few highlights from Private Equity and Impact Investing: Scaling impact by providing growth capital. Investors can achieve impact at

#Dealflow 7.21.16: WeFarm Raises; WaterCapital Grows; Aavishkaar Exits, and more

#Dealflow 7.21.16: Wefarm Raises; WaterCapital Grows; Aavishkaar Exits, and more Here’s a minor #Dealflow scoop: UK-based Wefarm is close to closing a $2 million fundraising round, led by an unnamed commercial venture capital fund. The mobile network is a knowledge sharing platform for remote smallholder farmers, coordinating and vetting SMS-based questions and answers. To date, over 70,000

Can this philanthropic investment model help close climate innovation’s “valley of death”?

For venture capitalists, the urgency of climate action has been no match for the urgency of reaping returns from their investments before the end of their 10-year funds. That has made venture capital a poor fit for many promising climate-change solutions, many of which may not pay off for a decade or more. And that has