Overcoming the ‘Original Sin’ of Impact Investing: New Approaches to Liquidity

(Editor’s note: Some of impact investing’s most intriguing innovations in term sheets and financing structures are coming from Village Capital, a seed-stage impact fund and accelerator that has supported more than 300 entrepreneurs worldwide. Ross Baird is Vilcap’s executive director. Reposted with permission.) Last week, my friend Paul Hudnut posted a follow-up from a conversation

#gpf13: Facts and Fictions of Impact Investing

(Editor’s note: I had the privilege of moderating a plenary panel at last week’s Global Philanthropy Forum with Matt Bannick of Omidyar Network, Maya Chorengel of Elevar Equity and Sasha Dichter of Acumen. Sasha provided this good summary of the themes. Reposted with permission.) The panel was an opportunity for all of us to dig

Triple Bottom Line Investing’s Prodigal Son Returns

Robert Rubinstein, a native New Yorker, is bringing his 15-year-old conference on “triple bottom-line” investing to Wall Street for the first time. “For a long time, I was reluctant to do it in the U.S.,” says Rubinstein, 61 years old, who has made his home in Amsterdam for most of the last 40 years. “Whenever

Dancing to a Disruptive Beat

If delegates have a drink for every time they hear variations on the word “disruption” at this week’s Skoll World Forum, they’ll be quite intoxicated. Indeed, many of them are — at least with their own disruptiveness. Disruption, which used to mean a trip to the principal’s office, is the coin of the realm at

Live from Oxford: Video from the Skoll World Forum

I’ve been working with our friends from Pioneers Post to cover the Skoll World Forum, the annual gathering of social entrepreneurs and innovators in Oxford. Today I talked about “disruption” with the Washington Post’s Matt Miller, got the scoop on which countries scored well (and poorly) on the new Social Progress Index and found out

Beyond GDP: New Social Progress Index Tracks Well-Being

Economic growth doesn’t necessarily lead to social progress, but social progress appears to be a powerful driver of economic prosperity. Those are among the early findings of the new Social Progress Index, a new measure of human wellbeing in which the U.S. comes in only sixth, while Sweden and the United Kingdom are ranked first

Scouting a Path to an Impact Investing Career

(Editor’s Note: Both local and global talent is sorely needed to help the enterprising poor build businesses for scalable and sustainable poverty alleviation in capital-weak areas around the world. Since 2011, Frontier Market Scouts has prepared a new generation of business and development leaders for six-month assignments with such social enterprises. This is the first