Impact Investing in 2016: Six Predictions for the Year Ahead

Knock, knock, knock. That’s the sound of impact investing at the door of mainstream financial markets after a banner year in which the impact investing marketplace grew to $60 billion, new firms entered the arena and important policies changes removed perceived barriers to impact investment practices. Look for impact investing to accelerate in 2016. Here’s

New York Pension Fund Tips $3.5 Billion Toward “Low Carbon Future”

It’s time to start tallying up the billions that major institutional investors are betting on the low-carbon economy. New York State’s $183.5 billion Common Retirement Fund will double its $1.5 billion sustainable investment program and commit $2 billion to a new index “that will exclude or reduce investments in companies that are large contributors to

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to Finance Both For-Profit and Non-Profit Solutions

A new crop of billionaire activists are signaling that they’re going to use all the tools at their disposal to tackle challenges from climate change to income inequality. Those tools include not only grants and advocacy, but high-impact private investments in companies, funds and high-leverage mechanisms such as loan guarantees and first-loss protections for commercial investors. The

Jigar Shah to Bill Gates: We Already Have the Technology to Solve Climate Change

Bill Gates and 30 other innovators have signed up to support the Breakthrough Energy Coalition to fill a very important gap in clean energy – early commercialization. The challenge with Gates’s announcement is that while he and other are filling a real need, it is not the most pressing need and certainly not all that

Filling in the Social Enterprise Map: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana

Social enterprise is flourishing throughout the Commonwealth. To document the entrepreneurs and investors who are fueling this growth, the British Council has commissioned a set of social enterprise landscape maps of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Ghana The Council’s Global Social Enterprise Programme has tapped Ennovent and ANDE to map the size and scale of the social enterprise sector in India.

An Impact Investment Fund for (Dutch) Retail Investors

Triodos Investment Management, a EUR 2.5 billion AUM Impact Asset Manager launched its first retail product earlier this week. The Triodos Multi Impact Fund Currently is only available on the Dutch market via its mother company Triodos Bank, as well as by Rabobank. It will be available on Euronext Fund Service from 1 December 2015. This is

Threshold Group Recruits Toniic’s Stephanie Cohn Rupp to Direct Impact Investments

Impact investing talent is in demand as family offices and wealth advisors build teams to respond to their clients’ demand for impactful investment opportunities. The latest hire:  Stephanie Cohn Rupp, who will become director of impact investing for Threshold Group, a $3 billion multi-family office with offices in Seattle, Philadelphia and Gig Harbor, Wash. Rupp is