Omidyar Network pushes investors ‘Beyond Tradeoffs’ to scale capital for impact

  • The takeaway from a new series of 10 essays from investors arrayed on a spectrum from fully “market-validated” to simple capital preservation: “Many investors have already moved beyond the trade-off debate to develop sophisticated approaches that deploy capital at multiple points along the continuum.”

Tools for optimizing impact help investors identify risks and opportunities

  • Targeting, measuring and managing social impact can illuminate other investment factors as well.
  • Some new tools generated by the cottage industry of global agencies and associations can help investors use impact analysis to manage risk, generate dealflow and spot opportunities.

SVX.US debuts with ‘direct public offering’ from TechSoup

ImpactAlpha, November 18 – Toronto-based impact investing platform SVX is rolling out a U.S. version of its matchmaking service with an $11.5 million debt offering from TechSoup. California-based TechSoup is non-profit tech marketplace for charities and libraries. The 31-year-old organization helps other organizations secure hardware and software technologies they need “to design and implement technology