LendingTree acquires Student Loan Hero for $60 million

  • Student Loan Hero was launched by Andy Josuweit, a 2009 college grad who was grappling with more than $100,000 in student debt but was unable to find a job. He started the company to help other indebted grads manage loan repayment and plan financially.

Why measure impact? Because of its business value.

A survey from the Global Impact Investing Network finds that more than 60 percent of 168 impact investors queried say they measure impact because of its business value. https://medium.com/media/6f83d56e2c07e5b7faf63a9394a53fc8/href The report on impact measurement and management suggests that impact investors are ahead of the curve in using impact data to identify and validate business opportunities (see

Open Daily: The impact data flywheel starts to spin

In Operation Impact, leading practitioners bust common impact investing myths with practical solutions. The series is brought to you by ImpactAlpha in partnership with the Case Foundation, Acumen, Bridges Fund Management, and ImpactSpace (ImpactAlpha’s open impact database). The impact data flywheel is starting to spin. ImpactAlpha’s Operation Impact series, produced in collaboration with the Case Foundation,

Impact Management: How the right data can drive performance for people and the planet

Now what? Using a shared convention for understanding and describing our impact does not mean that we all use the same tools. We all want to continue to use tools that suit our own context. Many that have been identified by practitioners as most useful can be found here. We can each try to ensure that

Lean Data: The “how” of measuring impact at lower cost for higher value

Here’s an impact investing myth that needs busting: The proliferation of multiple frameworks for measuring social impact means that front-line employees, managers and investors are getting the kind of feedback and data they need to improve their operations — and deliver genuine impact. With a tip of the hat to the Case Foundation’s Rehana Nathoo, who in her

Culture of transparency: Putting impact investing on the map

Jean Case, our CEO, issued a simple clarion call in the Stanford Social Innovation Review last month: #ShareYourData. The time is now. The impact investing field has grown leaps and bounds since the Global Impact Investment Network first started tracking the growth of the field in 2010. Networks like Toniic and The ImPact have brought