A one-stop shop for best practices in impact measurement

The authors of a new report reviewed 257 publications (!) and interviewed 17 firms to put together a guide of current practices in impact due diligence, monitoring and reporting. Stages of Impact Measurement l Source: So and Staskevicius, “Measuring the ‘Impact’ in Impact Investing,” 2015. Researchers from the impact management firm, SVT Group, and the

How do we measure progress on the Sustainable Development Goals?

We’re two years into the 15-year Sustainable Development Goals — with a long way to go. Trillions of dollars are needed annually to achieve the 17 wide-reaching goals by 2030. And with hundreds of governments and organizations involved in capturing and reporting data in different ways, how will we know whether we’re making progress? Take Goal №6:

Aspiration app helps consumers track the impact of their spending choices

Online bank Aspiration has launched a new app that quantifies the social and environmental effects of shoppers’ purchases. The goal is to empower U.S. consumers, who spend $36 billion every day, to base decisions on companies’ track records on employee wages, commitment to renewable energy and other factors. Aspiration’s app analyzes more than 75,000 data points

How Australia’s New Forests measures the sustainability of its forests

Climate Finance In its latest sustainability report, New Forests details how it is deploying technology and R&D to enhance sustainability and track productivity on the 840,000 hectares of forestland in its portfolio. For example, the company uses LiDAR technology to use “short wavelengths of light in the electromagnetic spectrum” to remotely measure the dimensions of

S-Ray aims machine learning and big data at the sustainability of big businesses

Arabesque’s new S-Ray aims machine learning and big data at the sustainability of big businesses. The new tool will “capture vast amounts of sustainability information that now exists on companies,” and make it relevant to investors, says Georg Kell, a vice chair at Arabesque. The asset management firm’s S-Ray service, with free and paid versions,

Data.world raises $18.7 million to build a data platform for social challenges

Data.world has raised $18.7 million to build a data platform for social challenges. Data.world is aiming to advance the data philanthropy movement by helping public and private companies share data for the common good. Insurance businessman and philanthropist Pat Ryan led the Series B funding for the two-year-old Austin, Tex., company. Chicago Ventures and Shasta Ventures

Jean Case previews map of emerging impact data ecosystem

Women Rising Jean Case is bullish on impact investing. Writing in Stanford Social Innovation Review, the former AOL executive and head of the Case Foundation credits the growing influence of young people and women, the entrance of big institutions and an increasingly robust data ecosystem. On that last point, Case touts the Impact Investing Network