Families wrangle with impact investing

“We are on the verge of a Golden Age in impact investing,” said Josh Mailman, founder of Serious Change. Mailman, a longtime impact investor, kicked off the Impact Summit hosted by Family Wealth Report last week in New York. Enthusiasm from younger members in some intergenerational family offices is meeting resistance from older decision-makers who are

How privacy can keep up with the explosion of data

Smart cities of the 21st century are going to collect enormous amounts of information about their residents. Crossing city records like tax payments, property records and utility bills with data from traffic sensors, smart meters, surveillance cameras and other connected devices can improve services and inform policy. Our urban lives will be ever more tracked, quantified

Social-change economics, Rise Fund hits $2B, JP Morgan in DC, environmental impact investors…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Returns on Investment Real Impact: Morgan Simon on bringing communities into impact investing. The longtime leader in the field bridges two worlds with her new book, “Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change” (grab a copy at Amazon or Politics and Prose). In an interview with ImpactAlpha’s David Bank, Simon

Big-league impact, sustainable cellphones, urbantech startups, next billion air conditioners

#Featured: Impact Voices Enterprise-level impact data can get impact investment to the big leagues. “Early-movers in impact investing used to try to coax people into the pool by saying, ‘Come on in, the water’s fine,” writes Clara Miller, president of the F.B. Heron Foundation, in a new essay on ImpactAlpha. “Now, immense players are doing cannonballs

Big League: Transforming the capital markets with impact rigor and disclosure

I recently opened my ImpactAlpha daily brief and read, “Swiss Re to move $130 billion portfolio to track ESG indexes.” That was followed by, “World’s largest pension fund hits responsible investing milestone.” Then, “New Mexico commits $50 million each to TPG Rise and BlackRock Renewables funds,” which led to, “Institutional investors oversubscribe BlackRock renewables fund.”

Building evidence on modern slavery

If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. That’s the theme of the week. When it comes to modern slavery, human trafficking and child labor — the targets of Sustainable Development Goal №8.7 — measurement is easier said than done. The absence of hard data on these problems has led to criticism by the Washington Post, the Guardian and other outlets.

Closing the gender-equality knowledge gap

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, or at least pay attention to. The results of a survey on knowledge of gender equality among national policymakers, released at the United Nations General Assembly, showed a shaky grasp on key gender-equality facts. Only about one-quarter of the policymakers knew the maternal mortality rates in their own