What do enterprises think about impact investors’ demand for data?

We recently learned that patient-capital investor Acumen asks the enterprises it invests in, “What data can we help you collect?” Now comes a deeper look at the impact management practices of impact investor-backed enterprises. The researchers, from German consulting firm Roots of Impact (the report was commissioned by the Donor Committee on Enterprise Development), interviewed

Busting the metrics myth, Obama staffers back “political tech,” Nobel for impact, forests are a…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: Open Mic Operation Impact pt. 2: Measuring impact at lower cost for higher value. Here’s an impact-investing myth that needs busting: The proliferation of social-impact metrics and frameworks is giving front-line employees, managers and investors the kind of data they need to improve their operations — and deliver genuine impact. Sadly not, says Tom Adams,

LiveStories raises $10 million to democratize civic data

New Power New content and visualization startups are trying to make data more accessible and prominent in storytelling LiveStories at the 2017 WPHA Conference Call it a “fake news” counter-movement. A raft of content and visualization startups are trying to make data more accessible and prominent in storytelling. Seattle-based LiveStories, launched in 2013, has raised

#ShareYourData, cities take leadership, growth market fintech, rural renewables

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: #ShareYourData Putting impact investments on the map. Jean Case issued a “clarion call” to impact investors and entrepreneurs to #ShareYourData about financing, returns and impact. “It is your early activity and data — made transparent — that will propel the drive to the mainstream,” she writes in the Stanford Social Innovation Review. The CEO of

The surprising list of countries that are proving the pessimists wrong

Economic growth is an outcome of social progress and not the other way around. That simple and powerful premise is at the core of the Social Progress Index, a five-year-old effort to monitor how countries around the world measure up in meeting basic human needs, ensuring the foundations of well-being and promoting personal freedom, tolerance