And a Skoll Award goes to…Babban Gona, for boosting incomes of Nigerian farmers

And a Skoll Award goes to…Kola Masha of Babban Gona, for boosting incomes of Nigerian farmers. The six-year-old agriculture startup is the first for-profit company to receive a Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship, which were announced ahead of next week’s Skoll World Forum in Oxford, England. Based in Lagos, Babban Gona has helped more than 13,000 smallholder

Global sustainable-investment assets hit $23 trillion, up 25 percent in two years

Global sustainable-investment assets have hit $23 trillion, up 25 percent in two years. The latest tally of socially responsible investment shows growth in fixed-income and retail investing. The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, which rolls up regional and national surveys from a half-dozen partners, casts a wide net, including negatively and positively screened public equities, green bonds

Notes from Underground: Boosting livelihoods in the informal economy

Johannesburg — The vast underground economy around the world is characterized by below-the-radar flows of money, tax evasion, and poor labor conditions. Less obvious are the sector’s important lessons for self-regulation, new income streams and inclusive financial innovation. Rather than force food vendors, taxi drivers and small farmers to join the formal economy, new business models are

Soil Restoration Notes help farmers go organic

Converting non-organic farmland to organic is hard and many farmers fail. Food and farmland investor Iroquois Valley Farms is issuing $5 million in short-term notes, with an interest rate of 1.5 percent, to help farmers make the changeover to USDA Certified Organic. The three-year term of the Soil Restoration Notes matches the organic transition period required

Is Brazil’s progress against deforestation at risk?

Mighty Earth, an environmental watchdog, used drones and satellite imagery to monitor the impact of farmers who supply Burger King, one of the world’s largest fast food chains. The evidence in the new report shows farmers working for Burger King suppliers Bunge and Cargill burned tropical forests in Brazil and Bolivia to establish soy plantations to

Social entrepreneurs join tech leaders and scientists in calling to lift travel ban

A Who’s Who of leaders of social enterprises, nonprofits and other organizations signed an open letter opposing President Trump’s executive order. “This ban will make our work to foster peace, sustainability, opportunity and inclusiveness much harder,” the letter said. Signers include philanthropist Jeff Skoll, Acumen’s Jacqueline Novogratz, Village Capital’s Ross Baird, Sonen Capital’s Stuart Davidson, Echoing

Needed: Agents of Impact to drive corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability initiatives have exceptionally low success rates. New research from Bain & Company found that of 300 companies pushing for sustainability shifts internally, only two percent achieve or exceed the goals they set out to. The question is how hard they really tried. Among the reasons the initiatives failed: lack of allocated resources or accountability, competing business