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Corporations play catch-up on Sustainable Development Goals

Let’s just say there’s room for improvement in global corporations’ commitments to the global goals for 2030. The U.N. Global Sustainability Index Institute reviewed annual reports from 100 top global companies for sustainability themes. Less than a quarter of the corporate reports called out the Sustainable Development Goals. Click for more from 2030 Finance The low-hanging fruit

Impact signals for venture capitalists, the Dells drop another $1B, Obama wants digital citizens…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original This European VC is turning to impact for business advantage, not social benefit. The approach taken by Octopus Ventures may signal a shift among mainstream investors in private companies. The London venture capital firm, which just opened a New York office, is assessing its portfolio of European tech startups

Impact Signals for Venture Capitalists

Not knowing is a risk. Knowing is an opportunity. That is the business case that pushed Octopus Ventures, a venture capital firm in offices in London and New York, to assess its portfolio of European tech startups for environmental, social and governance, or ESG, performance. Octopus Ventures, part of the U.K. fund management firm Octopus

Calysta raises another $40 million for of sustainable animal feed

There is a pressing need to produce more sustainable feed sources to meet the growing global protein demand. Calysta, based in Menlo Park, Calif., has been developing a low-cost, environmentally-friendly protein called FeedKind, a fishmeal and livestock protein substitute made from naturally-occurring microbes grown through fermentation. Calysta has closed a $40 million Series D round, led

As China’s food security goes, so goes the world’s

By population, China is triple the size of the United States. Food, which generally costs more in China than in the U.S., makes up one-quarter of Chinese household expenditures. Meeting China’s demand for food will be a boon for domestic agriculture businesses, and a test for sustainable food production worldwide. One issue to watch closely:

Impact investments in real assets can deliver market-rate returns. Most don’t.

The big takeaway from new benchmarks for impact investments in timber, real estate and infrastructure: find the best fund managers. Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investment Network analyzed the performance of 55 real assets funds that met basic criteria for “impact.” As with conventional funds, returns varied widely. Impact-oriented timber funds performed best, producing an

Abraaj’s long-term strategy, Calvert does syndication, benchmarks for real assets

Hello ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: ImpactAlpha Original Arif Naqvi takes global financiers to task at the Milken Institute Global Conference. The founder of Abraaj Group, the $10 billion private equity firm headquartered in Dubai, has been trying for years to break investors of their short-term mindset. Now he has the short-hand to make them see what