Recycling more plastics could generate up to $120 billion in revenues

Perhaps the famous career advice in “The Graduate” should have been two words: recycled plastics. Only 14 percent of the plastic packaging in the modern economy is recycled. Recycling the other 86 percent could generate between $80 and $120 billion in annual revenues, say the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Tech companies

Sonen Capital raises $75 million to invest in sustainable real assets

Climate Finance Sonen Capital has closed its first fund for investments in real assets like buildings, energy infrastructure and land. The San Francisco-based investment manager already has made eight investments in affordable housing, clean energy, and timber in the U.S. Africa and Asia. Launched in 2012, Sonen has nearly $400 million under management and impact investment strategies

Chugach Alaska, New Forests and Nature Conservancy strike forest-carbon deal

The Dakota Access oil pipeline dispute set Native Americans against fossil-fuel interests. In contrast, the Chugach Alaska Corp. has struck a deal to generate income for indigenous people by keeping coal in the ground and managing timber sustainably. Chugach will sell its coal rights along the Bering River to New Forests, which will give them

New agriculture fund to protect forests, too

Norway has pledged $100 million to a $400 million fund to protect five million hectares of forest and peatlands by 2020. The new fund, to be managed by the Dutch manager IDH, will invest in forest-rich countries to boost the productivity of farmers while protecting forests and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Unilever is the first corporate

Last large wild places on earth continue to shrink

And the size of the remaining intact forests globally has fallen by 7 percent since 2000, mostly due to the encroachment of agriculture and timber operations. Large swathes called “intact forest landscapes” contribute more to conservation by capturing carbon and supporting ecosystem diversity than smaller forest segments. Brazil recently pledged to restore 22 million hectares

Conservation investment reaches $8.2 billion

Climate Finance A couple years ago, environmentalists were excited that $5.1 billion had been invested in conservation efforts since 2004. The latest number: $8.2 billion, a 62 percent jump. A new report from Forest Trends also found that $3.1 billion committed for sustainable food and agriculture, habitat protection, clean water initiatives and other conservation projects

We’re riding on the Marrakech Express

Here’s a quick lesson in the climate jargon you’re going to be hearing for the next two weeks. “Marrakech,” as in Morocco, is shorthand for “COP22,” which is one more than COP21, the climactic conference in Paris last December that hammered out a global climate deal. That makes Marrakech the first “meeting of the parties” to