How investors can help rebuild communities with muni bonds

Municipal bonds are a $3.7 trillion market, and lately, they’re attracting record investment dollars. But what’s the impact? HIP Investor offers impact scoring for muni-bonds and other fixed-income investments, while Activest is trying to build a funding stream for promoting policy reforms. They’re needed: In many cities, muni bonds are underpinned by jail bonds and fines that

Hacker bootcamp raises impact funds as job-training initiative

SecureSet Academy, which operates cybersecurity training bootcamps in Denver and Colorado Springs got a $4 million investment from the Colorado Impact Fund, a $63 million private venture fund dedicated to “positive community outcomes.” CIF’s impact angle is to support the national need for cybersecurity expertise while promoting a pathway into high-paying entry-level jobs. SecureSet Academy

Plouffe jumps from Uber to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

David Plouffe, who managed President Obama’s historic 2008 campaign, is leaving Uber to lead CZI’s policy and advocacy work. The $45 billion organization, founded by Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, is looking to shift government healthcare research spending. Plouffe will work alongside Ken Mehlman, former head of the Republican National Committee,

Debating the Impact Economy: What Did the Presidential Candidates Say?  

Debating the Impact Economy: What Did the Presidential Candidates Say? No, Fran Seegull and Nancy Pfund did not get a shout-out from the debate stage at Hofstra University for their open letter to the presidential candidates promoting “The Impact Economy.” But a few minutes into Hillary Clinton’s opening remarks on “Achieving Prosperity,” a friend texted