Impact investment reaches the ear of the Israeli parliament

Everywhere we turn, whether we realize it or not, we are exposed to social issues which require immediate, adequate solutions. Over the years, troubling social issues have continued to swell, and as a consequence, so too has the burden on government and philanthropic resources to tackle them. Yet, as budget allocations increase, social challenges magnify in

New Media Ventures stakes $1 million on 14 startups aiming to ‘resist and rebuild’

Social- and political-action startups have proliferated since last year’s U.S. election. New Media Ventures staged its sixth competition, themed “Resist and Rebuild,” to find media and tech startups committed to social engagement and advocacy. Winners include: Townhall Project, which facilitates direct conversations between constituents and elected representatives; Notifica, which connects immigrants at risk of deportation gets funding boost from big names in tech

Call it a sign of the times: West Coast billionaires are throwing their weight behind, a for-profit “social enterprise” that serves as a hub for petitions and civic engagement. LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman led the $30 million investment, with backing from Bill Gates and Y Combinator’s president, Sam Altman. Hoffman described the deal as

Nominate now for GSG Honors, Reid Hoffman’s big bet, transcending Trump on climate, Nordic…

Greetings, ImpactAlpha readers! #Featured: GSG Honors Sir Ronald Cohen and the Global Steering Group to honor impact leaders — like you. A couple of months ago, ImpactAlpha asked for your “favorite impact investors.” The excellence of the dozens of suggestions drove home the need for a more formal process. Now, ImpactAlpha is delighted to partner with the Global

Seed funding for eVote will help launch voting and polling platform

eVote has secured seed funding to launch a voting and polling platform. The non-governmental voting platform is intended for opinion gathering and surveying of large groups to drive decision-making in businesses and communities. eVote’s market positioning as a social awareness and transparency tool helped it secure $3 million in seed funding from London-based social tech

The Obama Foundation wants you…to strengthen digital citizenship

Glenn Brown was in the crowd at last year’s South by Southwest festival when then-President Obama called out techies. “What we have to do is figure out how do we use and harness the cool next thing to make sure that everybody in this country has opportunity,” Obama said. Brown, a former Twitter and YouTube guy

Global elections are coming. What will they mean?

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, responsible for selecting the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, holds a global election to choose the most deserving candidate. More than 700 million voters from 50 different countries vote in a secure, transparent, mobile, cross-border system. The winner’s image becomes the most recognizable face on the planet, with a mandate